Family Matters (Professionals story)

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Bodie/Doyle Fanfiction
Title: Family Matters
Author(s): Jane of Australia
Date(s): 1987
Length: 142K
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
External Links: Online at the Professional Circuit Archive

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Family Matters is part 5 of the Rainy Days Universe. It was a circuit story and was later published in Rainy Days as well as in Adult Situations #2.

Reactions and Reviews

My first hatstand ever was FAMILY MATTERS by Jane(Lord help me, I THINK that's the name of it), which appeared in ADULT SITUATIONS 2. Though I'd had some exposure to PROS by way of commercial magazines (even owned an original copy at one time of the PRIME TIME that featured the series), I was not at all interested — especially as I'd heard them compared to Starsky & Hutch — a likable pair of no-brainers, in my opinion. Jane's story turned all that around. I remember clearly finding it immensely readable, full of affection and devotion — and a plotl Wowl Being then in the death throes of my involvement with B7, it was a great relief to read about two friendly, sane people who really LIKED each other. It was because of that story I changed fandoms, and because of the excellent stories it led me to that I have remained in PROS fandom for more years than I ever would have imagined. Since then I've found other stories I hold more dear, but there will always be a well-lit corner in my heart for that first one. [1]


  1. Short Circuit #13 (1992)