The Day the Friskys Stood Still!

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Title: The Day the Friskys Stood Still!
Publisher: Almost Foolproof Press/Starlite Press
Editor(s): Ann Teitelbaum and Dar F
Date(s): September 1991
Medium: print
Fandom: Doctor Who, Quantum Leap and Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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front cover

The Day the Friskys Stood Still! is a slash 98-page anthology that is printed on blue paper. On the cover: "It was a day unlike any other day. It was..."

While the number of stories in this zine are Star Trek: TNG, the bulk of the content is Quantum Leap.


For other Frisky zines, see Frisky Business.

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  • Strangers in the Night by Perri Thrust (Deanna knew only that he rescuer was ‘big’ and he had a warm, baritone voice. Because of the precious chain of events she couldn’t get much of an empathic reading, except for a definite overwhelming omission of lust…) (Star Trek: TNG) (3)
  • Busy Signal by Allen (For once in her life, Madeline was speechless. She had not been prepared for what she saw on Dixon’s desk. Was that the ‘Gloria from Cleveland’ lady?) (Star Trek: TNG) (13)
  • Further Letters, 1 & 2 by Gene Delapenia (Star Trek: TNG) (19)
  • A Ghost in the Program by Sue-Anne (Worf circled his opponent warily. He was a warrior and he was confident in his own abilities, but he also knew he was evenly matched. He felt himself grabbed from behind…flipped through the air…And felt a deep satisfaction spreading through him, making him swell. Now This was a woman!) (Star Trek: TNG) (20)
  • Trespassers Will Be Violated by Jerry (Ever since he had discovered the existence of the late Tasha Yar’s secret holodeck program, Wesley Crusher had been obsessed with learning its contents. Nothing in all his short 18 years of life had ever frustrated him like this, and he wasn’t about to let go until he beat it.) (Star Trek: TNG) (22)
  • Inquiry by Allen (Star Trek: TNG) (26)
  • Duty, Honor--Service! by Jerry (Star Trek: TNG) (30)
  • Quantum Love by Nancy Rhodes
    • Part 1: No Fatal Beauty (Part one: With a shock, Sam realized that two of the things he had dreaded most about leaping through time had come to pass. At the same time. He had leaped into the body of a woman, during the act of sex.) (33)
    • Part 2: Say Uncle (Part two: When they reached a room that seemed to be some sort of control center…Sam stared at the banks of computers in awe. They were ancient! I’m a spy, he thought with amusement. I’m James Bond. The diminutive Russian looked around them quickly and seeing that they were alone, leaned forward slightly and placed a kiss squarely on Sam’s lips. This was going to be a difficult leap. Based on the series, “The Man From UNCLE) (57)
    • Part 3: The Mirror Image. (Part three: As Sam buckled himself in the Porsche, he leaned over to look in the side view mirror to see what he looked like this time. It was his own reflection. At least close enough to be a twin. He did not notice the familiar sound of Al coming through the holographic door from the lab. (Quantum Leap) (81)