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Zine Publisher
Name: Almost Foolproof Press (also known as Plastic Cow Productions)
Contact: Ann Teitelbaum and Dar F
Type: fanfic, mostly slash fanzine publisher
Fandoms: Due South, Multimedia, Quantum Leap, Sentinel, Simon & Simon, Wiseguy
Status: inactive?
Other: Click here for a complete list of this publisher's fanzines and awards
URL: former website via WB Machine from 2005
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Almost Foolproof Press (also known as "Plastic Cow Productions") [1] published the 'Frisky' series of slash zines, some of which were fandom specific, others multimedia. They also published Sentinel, Simon & Simon, and Wiseguy novels. They may also have published under the name Starlite Press. Some of their published fan fiction is archived here.

At a time when 'reasonable' zines routinely cost $15, and large zines with extensive art could easily cost up to $30, AFP press was famous for $5 to $8 zines that came out frequently. On the downside, they were also known for not being particularly picky about submissions to their zines.

Zines Published by Almost Foolproof Press

Beach Blanket Frisky (multifandom) | Bride of Frisky Business (multifandom) | Bring Me the Head of Frisky Business (multifandom) | Crossing the Line Collected (Simon & Simon) | Damage Control (Sentinel) | Detour (Sentinel) | Due Frisky 1-4 (Due South) | Endless Frisky Nights (multifandom) | Extra Touchy Frisky 1-10 (Sentinel) | Frisky: Above and Beyond (multifandom) | Frisky Business #1-8 (multifandom) | Frisky Business Strikes Back! (multifandom) | Frisky Mountain High (multifandom) | A Frisky Out of Water (multifandom) | Frisky the Thirteenth (multifandom) | A Frisky to Remember (multifandom) | Gettin' Frisky With Simon/Simon (Simon & Simon) | Hot August Friskys (multifandom) | Just Another Frisky (multifandom) | Just the Friskys, Ma'am (multifandom) | Kung Frisky: The Legend Continues (KFTLC, also American Gothic/XF, and L&O) | Leapin' Friskys (Quantum Leap) | My Frisky Valentine (multifandom) | Nightmare on Frisky Street (multifandom) | An Old Married Couple (Sentinel) | Once, Twice, Three Times a Frisky (multifandom) | One Handed Frisky (multifandom) | Organized Frisky Bureau (Wiseguy) | A Pocketful of Friskys (multifandom) | Redux (Due South) | Revenge of Frisky Business (multifandom) | Simon Squared (Simon and Simon)| Son of Frisky Business (multifandom) | The Summer I Turned Frisky (multifandom) | The Terranova Situation (Wiseguy) | Those Who Can (Sentinel) | Time and Again (Sentinel) | To Boldly Go... (Star Trek: TNG) | Waiting in Vain/The Wall (Sentinel) | When I Look Back On All the Zines (Hardcastle and McCormack) | The Wrath of Frisky Business (multifandom) | XXX FILES: The Frisky Project (multifandom) | You Don't Bring Me Friskys (multifandom)

Some Sample Ads from a Catalog/Flyers

Some Friskys That Weren't Frisky Enough

According to Media Monitor, these are some Friskys that were proposed and never made it off the ground:

  • "Frisky Island" (People visiting a Fantasy Island-type of resort where anything goes)
  • "Make 'Em Frisky" (Stories based on sitcom characters)
  • "It Was a Dark and Frisky Night" (Mysteries, brooding country manors, things that go bump in the night)
  • "One Night Frisky" (Passionate one-night stands of couples who don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of staying together.)
  • "Er: The Frisky Room" (an all-ER edition, though this may have become part of Once, Twice, Three Times a Frisky: "Take Two Friskys and Call Me in the Morning")
  • "Take Two Friskys and Call me in the Morning" (medical series)


  1. ^ "To those who may have been mildly curious about how/why I came up with the name Plastic Cow Productions, I settled upon it because I am working on a series of cookbooks for people who are lactose intolerant (unable to have dairy products). Hence the plastic cow." -- from Media Monitor #2 (May 1992)