"crossing the line" collected

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Title: "crossing the line" collected
Publisher: Almost Foolproof Press
Date(s): November 1992
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Fandom: Simon and Simon
Language: English
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cover by Anja Gruber

"crossing the line" collected is a 188-page (127,000 words) slash anthology of Simon and Simon incest fan fiction written by Karen Ripley. Cover by Anja Gruber.

It was originally published in collected form in 1992 from Crossing the Line.

From a 1995 ad: "karen's long running tale of the trials and tribulations of Rick/AJ crossing over into a physical relationship. Includes all previously published chapters, plus two more installments! The definitive S/S story."

It is subtitled: "A novel exploring the trials and tribulations of the blossoming physical relationship between Rick/AJ Simon."


"A novel of the guys slowly coming to realize, name, and act on their attraction. It deals with a lot of the same issues we all love in slash -- a realization that this trust and friendship is good, and that expressing it sexually feels like the natural next step."

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  • If It's Physical, It's Therapy (3)
  • Piece of Mind (9)
  • Footwork 16)
  • Lip Service (24)
  • Oral Contract (32)
  • Auto Focus (46)
  • Acceptance Speech (54)
  • Applied Mathematics (66)
  • A Two-Digit Number (76)
  • Father Figure (91)
  • Two for Sixty-Nine (109)
  • Over-the-Counter Treatment (125)
  • Into the Eye of the Storm (144)
  • Position of Trust (166)