A Frisky Out of Water

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Title: A Frisky Out of Water
Publisher: Almost Foolproof Press
Editor(s): Ann Teitelbaum & Dar F
Date(s): October 1995
Medium: print
Size: digest-sized
Genre: slash
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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A Frisky Out of Water is a 95-page digest-sized slash anthology. Focus: characters out of their usual element.


For other Frisky zines, see Frisky Business.


  • Slow Hand by Jonni Corday ("While Morticia is away, Thing takes Gomez in hand." -- winner of a 1995 (STIFfie Award) (Thing/Gomez) (Addams Family) (3)
  • Hey Cisco, by Jonni Corday (Cisco/Pancho) (Cisco Kid) (8)
  • Ray's Secret by Jeannie Marie ("After accidentally shooting Fraser, Ray reflects on his love for the Mountie.") (Fraser/Ray) (due South) (10)
  • Colonel Hogan's Revenge, by Khylara (Hogan/Kinchloe) (Hogan's Heroes) ("During a secretive ride back from Paris, Hogan gets back at Kinchloe.") (12)
  • The Tiger and the Frog by Kris Brown ("After Kelly makes a big scene at the station, Peter turns to Kermit for comfort and understanding." --winner of a 1995 (STIFfie Award) (Peter/Kermit) (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) (15)
  • The Stuff of Legend by Jeannie Mari ("Bartok decides to move to Boston to spare Pratt his attentions. But what happens when Pratt returns his feelings? Includes a hanky-dance.") (Legend/Janos) (Legend) (21)
  • Building Bridges, by T.L.C. (Napoleon/Illya) ("Napoleon is instructed to seduce an important THRUSH scientist, putting a strain on his and lllya's relationship.") (The Man From UNCLE) (29)
  • The Open Seas, by Khylara (Crockett/Castillo) (Miami Vice) (37)
  • Bell, Bed and Dildo, by Vixen Foxx (Northern Exposure) ("Things are really jumping in Cicely when Marilyn and Chris decide it's time for the town to have a new couple to gossip about; meanwhile, the rest of the town is still reeling from the after-effects of a post-hypnotic suggestion put on Maggie, leading the aviatrix to have wild encounters with Maurice, Ed, and Shelly and Michelle.") (39)
  • A Royal Duty by Jonni Corday (winner of a 1995 (STIFfie Award) (Robin/King Richard) (Robin of Sherwood) (53)
  • Pacific Blue Dreams, by Jonni Corday (Andy/Red) (The Shawshank Redemption) ("It's been a long time since Andy's escape, but Red is finally paroled, and as soon as he scrapes together enough money, he goes to find his friend in Mexico.)" (55)
  • The Ritual, by Psyche ("When Capt. Picard agreed to help Lt. Worf with a Klingon ritual, he had no idea it was going to involve his needing to do...that.") (Worf/Picard) (Star Trek: The Next Generation ) (61)
  • Body Heat, by Gryf (Han/Luke) Star Wars) ("After finding Luke nearly frozen on Hoth, Han climbs into bed with the young Jedi, bringing out emotions neither of the men knew were there.") (68)
  • Too Hot To Handle, by Elizabeth Stuart (Han/Luke) (Star Wars) ("Unsure of how to go about seducing Han, Luke turns to his father for advice." (76)
  • Body and Soul, by Julie (Quaid/Richter) (Total Recall) ("With Lori and Melina dead, Cohaagen fixes Quaid and Richter so he can enjoy the sight of the two arch-enemies together.") (83)
  • The Wanting, by Miranda (Willie/Elias) ("Concerned over Willie's depression, Elizabeth questions the young alien and finds out that he's still upset over the death of his lover, Elias, the human who owned the bar where he used to work.") (V) (85)
  • Artie's Love, by Khylara (Jim/Artemus) (Wild Wild West) (94)

Reactions and Reviews

Cheap and cheerful zine, not worth it just for the Due South, which is good but short, but definitely worth the very low purchase price, again, if you are interested in other fandoms in the zine (I liked the Legend story).[1]


  1. a fan on Virgule-L, quoted anonymously (July 19, 1996)