A Portfolio of Poetry and Portraits

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Title: A Portfolio of Poetry and Portraits
Publisher: Ad Nauseum Press
Editor(s): Ruth Kurz
Date(s): 1981?
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Harry and Johnny
Language: English
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front cover by Mary Wagner

A Portfolio of Poetry and Portraits is a slash Harry and Johnny 75-page anthology of art and poetry. The front cover is by Mary Wagner. The first 45 pages are more formal poetry and art, and the next 30 pages are collages, cartoons, and various clippings, as well as a humorous story called "Flash Cube" by Dur T. Harrietta, a story called "Hustler" by Anonymous. There are also some fake LoCs, some '"from" anti-slash BNFs of the day. Sample: "I think it's disgusting, immoral, and indecent, and I need 4 more copies." "from" [name redacted].

  • Definition by Jackie Wagner (preface)
  • My Johnny by Jackie Wagner (1) (poem)
  • A Rose by Any Other Name by Ruth Kurz (2)
  • My Harry by Jackie Wagner (3) (poem)
  • That Smile by Ruth Kurz (4)
  • Rebirth by Pam Jensen and Jean C. (D.C.C.) (5) (poem)
  • Johnny by Jean C. (6)
  • Sanctuary by Pam Jensen and Jean C. (D.C.C.) (7) (poem)
  • Harry by Jean C. (8)
  • Harry's Choice by Ruth Kurz (9) (poem)
  • ... Dream by Jane Firmstone-Rafferty (10)
  • Harry's Friend by Ruth Kurz (11) (poem)
  • Rainbow... by Jane Firmstone-Rafferty (12)
  • First Time Hurt by Jackie Wagner (13) (poem)
  • Johnny Blue by Marie Patrick (14)
  • Dirty Harry, a Contradiction in Terms by M. Ward (15) (poem)
  • Harry at Ease by Marie Patrick (16)
  • Because of You by Michelle Ward (17) (poem)
  • Johnny in All Innocence by Connie Faddis (18)
  • Love, Johnny by Jackie Wagner (19) (poem)
  • Keep Him Smiling by Ruth Kurz (20)
  • Davis... Johnny by Billie Fowler (21) (poem)
  • John Davis by Ruth Kurz (22)
  • At First Sight by Ruth Kurz (23) (poem)
  • Harry Callahan by Ruth Kurz (24)
  • My Best Friend-Friend by Ruth Kurz (25) (poem)
  • Ben, To Some by Cyndee Morand (26)
  • My Best Friend-Lover by Ruth Kurz (27) (poem)
  • Johnny, They Say by C. Morand (28)
  • Snapshots of a Saturday in Summer by Teri White (29) (poem)
  • Hi, Kid by Ruth Kurz (30)
  • In Time with Us by Debbi Okoniewski (31) (poem)
  • Hi, Cowboy by Ruth Kurz (32)
  • Rick, Rare Etch'd by Paula Smith (33) (poem)
  • Richard by Ruth Kurz (34)
  • Love Fire by Debbi Okoniewski (35) (poem)
  • Blue and Gold by Connie Faddis (35)
  • Lawman by Ruth Kurz (36) (poem)
  • Marshall Callahan by Leah Rosenthal (36)
  • I Wanted to Be a Cowboy by Ruth Kurz (37) (poem)
  • Johnny the Kid by Ruth Kurz (38)
  • No Blooming Romantic by Jean C. (39) (poem)
  • Squint by Ruth Kurz (40)
  • A Day in the Life by Jackie Wagner (41) (poem)
  • Magnified Blue by Ruth Kurz (42)
  • Ben by Ruth Kurz (43) (poem)
  • Ben by Marilyn Mink (43)
  • A Small Piece of Eternity by Shirley Passman (44) (poem)
  • Harry and Johnny by Ruth Kurz (45)
  • Magnum Force: Resolution by Jackie Wagner (page 21 of the second part to the zine)
  • All Hallow's Eve: an Outline, "a possible aftermath to 'Nightgames'" by Eileen Roy

Sample Gallery of the Extensive Art