Side-Trekked (1970s Star Trek zine by Kern)

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Title: Side-Trekked
Editor(s): Trinette Kern
Date(s): 1978
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek
Language: English
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Side-Trekked is a gen anthology crossover zine. It was published in 1978 and contains 174 pages.

cover by Monica Miller

Printing and Legal Troubles

"The Second Issue"...Published Many Years Later

In 1980, the editor had this personal statement in Warped Space #44:

To update the situation on the delay of SIDE-TREKKED #1, first scheduled for publication in August of 1978, let me say that it has been a long legal battle to get it finished by my less than scrupulous printer, who accepted full payment for 600 and only produced 40. But, thanks to truth, justice and the American way, the courts have given an ultimatum to this Klingon, and have set the date of January 1980 for completion of the printing and binding of S-T #1, or I can execute my court decision and take everything he owns in retribution! So, for all those who have ordered SIDE-TREKKED #1, your wait is just about over. I'll be doing the mailing in January/February, and selling copies at the New York Con in February.

SIDE-TREKKED #2 is already being readied for the printers. I still have need of some artists, and could use a few short filler pieces (like poems or one-to-two page vignettes). Otherwise, SIDE-TREKKED #2 should be available in late 1980. Thank you all for your support and your patience. I'll never forget how kind fandom has

been through the trials associated with 'zine editing. Send orders, s.a.s.e.s. contributions to T. Kern

The zine, "Side-Trekked" #2 (retitled #1) was ultimately published in 1994, though possibly not in its original form. See Side-Trekked.

flyer printed in Stardate: Unknown #4


From the zine: "This issue is dedicated to the world of STAR TREK FANDOM -- ongoing and intricately diverse. May it live so long as the rivers run and the sun shall shine in the heavens."

The art is by Stephen Weakley, Martynn, Michael Mahaney, Merle Decker, Randy Ash, Doug Drexler, C.R. Faddis, Carolynn Ruth, Mary Pace, Signe Landon, Captain Susan Tomlinson, Suzanne Kirwan, and others.

  • Editorial by Trinette Kern (3)
  • The Reader Speaks by Melanie R. (6)
  • Ee-Chiya's Chroniceles, fiction by Trinette Kern (9)
  • Spock: Pre-Reformation, article by Mary Pace
  • Guardian, fiction by Leslye Lilker (23)
  • To Enter Another Gate, fiction by Trinette Kern (48)
  • Afterthoughts to a Kinswoman, fiction by Diane Steiner (60)
  • Volcanoes, an art portfolio by Merle Decker and Suzanne Kirwan (63)
  • Poem by a Vulcan Wife by Marian Kelly (70)
  • The Flame Sharers, poem by Kathy Resch (71)
  • How Do Vulcans Reproduce, article by Mary Pace (72)
  • Reflection, fiction by Toni Cardinal-Price (75)
  • Three Ring Circus, fiction by Carol Mularski (78)
  • Bulletin Boards: Official/Unofficial by Captain Susan Tomlinson (82)
  • Tribbles by Mary Pace (84)
  • Rand's Lament, poem by Brenda Shaffer (86)
  • Starfleet Rules and Regulations, fiction by Melanie R (88)
  • The Dream, fiction by Pete Kaup (90)
  • Requiem in Red Dust, fiction by Jennifer Weston (94)
  • To Wander Among the Stars, poem by Karen Moody (97)
  • Stand Off/Mediator/Battle Plan by ?????????? (98)
  • An Organian Benediction, poem by C.R. Faddis (100)
  • Who Will Answer, poem by Judy Maricevic (101)
  • Apologia III, poem by Melania R (102)
  • Bones' Quarters by Andrea Wingo (103)
  • A Last Farewell, poem by Uschi Bauer (104)
  • Survive Not Gently, fiction by Susan Burr (105)
  • Those Formless Shores, This Alien Land, fiction by Ellen Blair (107)
  • IDIC, poem by Susan Burr (130)
  • Sunbird, part one, fiction by Jennifer Weston (131)
  • If Tomorrow Never Comes, poem by Sarah Leibold (163)
  • Jailer, poem by C.R. Faddis (164)
  • Untitled Poem by Harriett Stallings (165)
  • Space Witchery, poem by Sarah Leibold (165)
  • And Another Thing (166)
  • May the Great Bird Bless and Keep You, poem by Mary Frey (173)