Play by Playbook: Collected ZebraCon Plays

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Title: Play by Playbook: Collected ZebraCon Plays
Editor(s): Paula Smith and Jody Lynn Nye
Date(s): 1995
Genre: fan play
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch, Professionals, Man From Uncle, Facelift
Language: English
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Play by Playbook: Collected ZebraCon Plays is a collection of plays performed at ZebraCon between 1981 and 1995.

All plays are written by Paula Smith (many with Jody Lynn Nye) and all but one are parodies of a well-known fanzines, and all but three are Starsky & Hutch skits.

On the front of the zine: "Celebrating Many Years of Silliness."

Some Anomalies

There are some anomalies in the zine, likely due to Smith getting out of sequence immediately as she cites 1980 as the first con, when it was in fact, the second con. The first con was in 1979. This means that the first few dates Smith cites in this zine are not correct in date, but they are correct in sequence.

One of the plays, Fudge and Fury, was not presented at ZebraCon but instead the 1985 con, The Paul Muni Special. There was also no ZebraCon in 1983, which means that Demonstrated to Death was performed in 1984, not 1983 as per this zine.

Contents as Per Smith


  1. ^ "ZebraCon 3, 1983" is incorrect. It was "ZebraCon 4, 1984."
  2. ^ ZebraCon was not the venue for this play. It was performed instead at The Paul Muni Special