Hot Knight

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Title: Hot Knight
Editor(s): Janet Ellicott
Date(s): 1984-87
Medium: print
Fandom: Knight Rider
Language: English
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Hot Knight is a non-explicit slash Knight Rider anthology with five issues.

The publisher writes in a 1986 ad in Hypertension #6: "These are a series of adult Knightrider zines. Non-explicit homosexual scenes are included so please don't order if you object to this premise. And in case anybody's wondering, it's between Devon and Michael, though some people have come up with a some other interesting possibilities! These zines will not be knowingly sold to anyone under 18 so please include an age statement when ordering."

Issue 1

Hot Knight 1 contains three stories by Janet Ellicott. It was published in 1984 or before.

Issue 2

Hot Knight 2 contains a single story by Janet Ellicott. It was published in 1984 or before.

  • The Past Remembered Only in My Dreams" (A man from Devon's past comes back into his life, forever changing the relationship between Devon and Michael.)

Issue 3

Hot Knight 3 contains a single story by Janet Ellicott. It was published in 1984 or before.

  • The Root of All Evil (Dr David Carmichael discovers that some employees of Knight Industries are stealing secret information, with the intention of building a super car of their own. Unable to trust anyone else, he brings the knowledge to Michael. Soon, the two of them, together with Devon and Bonnie are on their way to England, where Devon is kidnapped in what, at first, appears to be an unrelated crime.)

Issue 4

Hot Knight 4 contains a single story. It was published in 1984 or before.

  • Without His Wings" (Garthe Knight succeeds, for a while, in sending Michael to Africa to take his place in a vicious prison system, while he takes Michael's place at the Foundation. Neither Devon nor KITT are foiled for long, but prison authorities believe they have Garthe in custody. In order to gain Michael's release, Devon must take Garthe to Africa, and once he gets there, discovers that Michael has not had an easy time in prison.)

Issue 5

Hot Knight 5 was published in 1987. It has three stories by Brenda Callagher.[1]


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