In the Space of Seven Days

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Star Trek VOY Fanfiction
Title: In the Space of Seven Days
Author(s): Seperis
Genre: het fanfiction
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
External Links: Online here on AO3

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In the Space of Seven Days is a Star Trek: VOY Tom Paris/B’Elanna Torres story by Seperis.

Reactions and Reviews

While I love comedy, the episodes and plotlines that really caught my interest in DS9 and Voyager were the darker ones. This story is a perfect example of some of the things Star Trek can make work very well when the writers and producers invest on the high drama potential: a threatening alien presence and a desperate crew that has to push the limits of both the regulations and their own personal ethics to save their shipmates.

There are a lot of things that I enjoy about this story, like the way the characters are portrayed (Tom, in particular, is fantastically written) and how they relate to each other. But one thing above others makes it stand out to me: the fact that Seperis takes the time to deal with the aftermath of what happened and the consequences of all actions – voluntary or not. The ending isn’t exactly unhappy, but it isn’t really happy either: there are still many demons to be faced even if there’s a feeling they will be conquered.

There's a sequel, Absolute Zero, which starts of as a bit too dark for me, but might be your cup of tea. [1]


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