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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Indulgence
Author: Seperis
Dates: 21 April 2001 or before - 26 May 2008 (last update)
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis, X-Men Movieverse, Smallville, Queer As Folk, Star Trek Voyager
main page index screenshot in 2008
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Indulgence is a personal fanfiction and recommendation site with stories by Seperis with links, quotes, a chronology of all her fanfic, photo art, fanfic covers, and icons. The site was originally part of Wolverine & Rogue.

Main fandoms are Stargate Atlantis, X-Men Movieverse, Smallville, Queer As Folk and Star Trek Voyager. Other fandoms include The Bourne Trilogy, The Brothers Grimm, Harry Potter, Slashing the Slashers RPS Challenge, Spiderman (movieverse), Supernatural, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Witchblade the Series.

Content Index

My absolute favorite places to play. Updating as I find more webpages.

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The Sparkage Seraglio
She's just so much fun! Stargate, X-Men, and Smallville fanfic, het and slash. Page 42 rocks, but my personal favorite is "Living Unto Morning". Go. Read. NOW.

Insomnaic's Playground
Fiction by Andariel. X-Men, Smallville, and other fandoms, het and slash. Enjoy

But George, You're a Communist!
Fic by the wonderful, lyrical, extremely talented Pearl-o. Must be read and enjoyed. her green...
Beautiful fic by val in several different fandoms.

Young and Sexy
Jessica makes her home here with some of the loveliest, sweetest, and most fun CLex fic to be found.

  • Archives:

Across the Pond
Queer as Folk US and UK archive.

The ASC* Archive
Star Trek. The complete archive of all works released on the usenet group alt.startrek.creative and alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated and its predecessors. The largest single archive of Star Trek fanfiction on the web.
Brian/Justin archive.

Chemistry - Lex/Chloe Archive
See link title? That says it all.

Scariest place on the web.

Girl Friday - Chloe Archive See link name.

Hazardous - Lex/Lana Archive Yep, link name.

Level Three Archive
Smallville. Gen, het, and slash fiction

Lex Slash
Smallville. All Lexslash. All the time.

Paris Torres Collective Archive
Star Trek Voyager. The motherload of Paris/Torres fanfiction--and there is a lot. Run out of stories to read lately? This is the place to go.

Red Hot Mama - Martha Kent Archive

The Reporters - Chloe/Clark Archive You see a pattern with the link name thing?

Smallville Fan Art
A spectacular idea--a collection of Smallville fan art all in one convenient location!

Smallville Het Archive
Yes. The name. It's good.

Smallville Music Video Archive
Love Bonibaru for this one.

Smallville Slash Archive
Smallville. My new pet obsession. CLex. Yummy.

X-Men: The Movieverse
X-Men the Movie. I love this place. I do. Many, many, many stories. Many days I know I should be studying are spent here. I blame Hollywood.

X-Men: The Movie Fan Fiction Central
X-Men the Movie. The official list archive for this list xmenmoviefanfic. I can't exactly put into words how much I adore this place.

X-Men the Movie. The official list archive for the list WRBeta. The largest single collection of WR fic on the net.

  • Personal Webpages

D'Alaire's Greenroom
What can one say about the author that you use as the barometer of your own work? Incredibly detailed renditions of the Paris/Torres relationship from the semi-canon to the alternate universe, from epics that deserve the name for their quality and texture to short vignettes that take your breath and pull every heart-string without being sentimental, to some of the funniest Voyager stories on the Web, you can't read D'Alaire and not love her. My personal favorite, Word Painter, is unbelievable in its complexity and its beauty. I recommend this to P/T and other readers equally.

Alien Corn
Sarah T's fanfiction, blog, and rec site.

Ambivalent Pleasures
Multifandom works of Julad.

Bifictional Bedlam
The multifandom fic and recs of Shrift and Nestra. Way too much fun for one place.

The Body Eclectic
The multifandom works of Destina.

Vids, vid recs, vid archive, story recs, a multifandom cornocopia. If I spelled that correctly.

Dances with Redshoes
Tons of PT and X-Files fanfic, including the wonderful P/T story Torrid, and home of the great Captain Jinx, among links to other P/T and X-Files websites. A wonderful place to spend a few afternoons in exploration. Recommended highly.

Dave Rogers-fact or fiction?
This ASC award winning author is among the best Voyager writers I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Amazing Paris, Paris/Torres, a fascinating A/U known as the Virtues series, and other sundry that you won't be able to stop reading. And a great sense of humor! Hang out here for awhile! Recommended: Mirror Images, my personal favorite and perhaps the most moving story he's written.

DeAnna Zankich
Queer as Folk fiction by DeAnna Zankich

The multifandom works of Debchan. Many fandoms with stories, videos, etc.

Diane Bellomo
One of my all-time favorite writers, queen of smut, and a great fanzine writer in her own right, her PWPs are beyond belief excellent. Love her, love her, love her! She has something for everyone--P/T, P/K/T, T/7, P/T/7, K/7--wow by three! Run and check her out--you'll love it! Recommended: "The Chained Melody" universe stories. Hot indeed!

Disenchanted Kingdom
The multifandom works of MustangSally and RivkaT.

Ficorama: Elizabeth's Fanfiction Okay, mostly Roswell, not my fandom--but some stunningly beautiful X-Men Movieverse that rocks beyond words to describe. Magic of Belief still rates among the top of my favorite fanfics of all time. Little Things equally entrancing--but I'd rec anything she felt like writing.

The multi-fandom works of the incomparable Suz Voy. She's amazing, breathtaking, and there is nothing she writes that I won't read.

Jane St. Clair's Webpage
My one-stop for the purest style on the net. Multi-pairing, multi-fandom, and all of it beautifully written. Loved "Half a World Away".

Fiction by Just Visiting
QaF fanfic by Just Visiting.
Sisabet's home on the web. Fic, vids, Spike obsessing, QaF obsessing, a little of everything.

Koi's Storyteller
The complete works of Koimistress. Smallville fic, the best in the fandom.

LaT's Fic
The multifandom works of LaT.

Livia's Library
The multifandom works of Livia Penn. One of the best storytellers on the net.

London's QaF Fanfic
As stated on the link.

Love Conquers All
Darling Ally's little nook in the L/R world, graduate of Voyagerdom. She's nice. And quite insane. Go read.
The multifandom works of Malista.

Meandering with Jamelia in the Delta Quadrant
From the pen of the most prolific and in my humble opinion one of the best Paris/Torres writers on the web. Incredible range of stories, covering Paris/Torres, Kim/Seven, and Janeway/Chakotay, to insightful essays and some wonderful pictures, you really can't miss any of her work. Log Entries is still a favorite and I can't recommend the Warmth stories highly enough. Winner of many ASC awards for her excellent and compelling work.

The Medicine Wheel
The comic and movie X-Men works of Minisinoo.

Melanie's Mind:
To Tell the Truth stands out as the most ambitious Star Trek fanfic I've ever seen on the web. At a planned eight chapters with six chapters finished, it defies explanation, only promises to take you on the ride of your life. Several short stories also adorn this page, none of which deserve less a title than superb. Go, be pleased, but take a pup tent and a sleeping bag, because you won't want to leave until you finish everything there.

Michael Roy Hollihan
A fascinating writer with a wide variety of fanfic interests--personal favorite is "Three of Nine". But anything on his page is definitely worth your time! Check out his rants as well--trust me, if you need a good way to respond to a troll, he has the answer!

Muse's Fool
One of the most prolific W/R writers out there. I suggest--oh, everything.

The Nightowl
Jamie's wonderful page of fic from several different fandoms. Her X-Men fic is fun as hell. Read Blackout for one of the most distinctive voices of Rogue out there.

The Parisphiles: Home of Parisienne1812 and Tomato Soup Lovers This page is a staple for the PTer, rabid or not. One "in progress" novel called Coming of Age that is a must read, the hysterical "Good Ship Voyager" series (avoid drinking beverages while reading), among others, you won't be disappointed.

A domain filled with good things, including Logan/Jean Romantic Society, the FEF, and multiple fun times abounding. Go and be impressed.

Secrets and Lies
Multifandom works of Hope.[1](formerly Obsess Much)
The multifandom works of Rei Kinneas.[2]

Stoic Simplicity
A beautiful, lyrical, deliciously addictive writer. Multi-fandom, all of it lovely. Gotta get some now. Also home to angstgrrls and PETA.
She's very nice to me and lets me play in her sandboxes. With flags. She's also my favorite co-writer. Sare, who can write anything and everything and do it with style. Beautiful characterizations, the hottest smut I've ever had the good fortune to run across, and some *extremely* unique plotlines that just make me wish I had half this girl's imagination! Everything is worth reading--X-Men, Buffy, et al. Go, be amazed, and send her feedback. She rocks. Special reccs to "Elevation" and "My Imaginary Friends". And for sheer humor--Lunch at Subreality. I still haven't stopped laughing!

Te! Te, Te, Te! Love her, love her, love her. Many fandoms, many stories, kick-ass recs. And you're not there WHY again?

Tara LJC's Site
A lot of everything under the sun. Multifandom fiction, recs, archives, links, you name it, she's got it somewhere.

Trekgirl's Home Page
An ASC award winning author as well as a very nice person and one of the hottest P/T writers out there. This is *the* place to go for P/T in all its incantations. Check out my personal favorites, What's in My Head, Green, and Inner Landscape. Wow. And get that cold shower ready...

Trisky's QaF fanfic.

Donna's mightily brilliant wonders--recommended Adaptations series. But everything there is just--just--words fail me. Check it out.

What I Want
Queer as Folk fiction of Lane Carson.

The Write Connection
A beautiful writer. She's not just good at what she does, ladies and gentlemen--she is great. She also houses fanfic from other writers. Recnetly, she's joined the ranks of the great P/T writers--One Hundred Days is beyond words to adequately describe, and Lines in the Sand is worth a few hours rumination. Check it out

  • Lists:

Beautiful boys. What's not to love?

Fiction! All the time!

Level Three
The het, gen, and slash of Smallville.

Comic and movieverse all happily dancing around. This cannot be considered a bad thing.

The group for the Logan/Rogue movieverse pairing.

X-Men Movie Fanfic
The single largest movieverse mailing list on the web.}}