Bifictional Bedlam

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Name: Bifictional Bedlam
Owner/Maintainer: shrift and Nestra
Dates: 05 April 2001 or before - present
Type: author pages
Fandom: multifandom
URL: (Wayback link)
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Bifictional Bedlam is a website with Shrift's Fan Fiction, Nestra's Pantheon, The Moochers (other authors) and Polyamorous Recommendations.

It was created and maintained by shrift and Nestra and used to be hosted by SlashCity. For the meaning of the name see bi-fictional.

Fan Comments

From Indulgence:

The multifandom fic and recs of Shrift and Nestra. Way too much fun for one place.[1]

Shrift's Fan Fiction

Nestra's Patheon

The Moochers

Bifictional bedlam guest authors.png

Guest author pages include:

Authors hosted by invitation only.



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