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Name: Life
Abbreviation(s): None
Creator: Rand Ravich
Date(s): 2007-present
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Official NBC site, IMDB
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Show synopsis

Twelve years ago, policeman Charlie Crews was convicted for the triple murder of his friends, the Seybolts, and their child. After a prolonged battle by Charlie and his lawyer, his conviction was overturned and Charlie was released. He also received a substantial financial settlement from the Los Angeles Police Department and -- as he demanded -- reinstatement to the force.

Now promoted to detective, Charlie is partnered with fellow screw-up Dani Reese, a cop who became addicted to drugs while working undercover. Though the relationship has plenty of friction, they quickly discover that they work well together.

After his release, Charlie works to find the person who actually killed the Seybolts. He discovers a conspiracy that stretches beyond the murders and may involve many of his current and former colleagues.

Life Fandom




  • Life Fic (fanfic and fanart)
  • Crews and Reese (for fans of the Crews/Reese friendship, partnership, and relationship dynamics)