Children's Work

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Title: Children's Work
Creator: lithium doll
Date: 2012
Format: MOV
Length: 3:11
Music: Children's Work by Dessa
Fandom: Life
URL: streaming version at the Internet Archive

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Children's Work is a Life fanvid by lithium doll. It was made for sdwolfpup as part of the 2012 Festivids exchange.

Summary: children aren't as simple as we'd like to think


[sdwolfpup] Pardon my french but: holy shit, festividder. This is WOW WOW WOW. I mean I hate to hit the song choice button so often but: YOUR SONG CHOICE IS PERFECT. Dessa IS Dani Reese's internal voice, I just clearly did not realize it until I saw it. And the Charlie as the brother in this song is just...alskjdflksjd

I mean basically that is my response to this whole vid: alskjdflkasjdflkajsdflkjsadf

Because YES. There is so much going on in here, such great DETAILS and clever little things you did and you managed to keep their relationship non-shippy yet still with that slight hint of attraction that the show did, too. This is MARVELOUS. THANK YOU!![1]
[obsessive24] I have no idea what's happening since I don't watch the show, but wow, that was wonderfully put together. I can't imagine how much more impactful if I actually had knowledge of context.
[keerwa] Oh my God, that was fucking incredible. I just watched it through twice and ... I've got goosebumps all over. Incredible song choice, really. This helps me understand the relationship between Dani and Charlie in a way I never have before. Her little brother, twice her age. The little mystic and his handler. A few moments that particularly stood out to me were Charlie handing over his knife to Dani, behind his back, where the grown-ups couldn't see. Your use of the scene at the dinner table between Dani and her father. And Dani sitting on the couch next to Charlie, seeing the bars, listening to the voices in his head.[2]
[digitalmeowmix2 ] Using my zen icon lol

This vid is perfection,and you are a genius. There are so many moments in this vid that take my breath away.

"I got these dark circles before I turned ten" Oh god Dani and her pain break my heart. And her fierceness makes me cheer for her. Her spiiting at the camera is so badass.

"now I've learned how to paint my face, how to earn my keep, how to clean my kill,"

Dani turns her pain into anger,into strength.That sharp edge of bitterness make her who she is,It make her a good cop.You showed this brilliantly.

"you were so tender we thought something was wrong with you, so patient, we thought that you were deaf,you were so solemn, so tiny but so ancient"

And Charlie! Broken but still zen, and Dani trying to figure out what his deal is,what makes him tick, and it gives her hope. He helped her "quiet down her mind" "the weather in my head" And she grounded him,gave him a way to see outside of his confusing brain.

"The little mystic and his handler" that line just sums up their relationship perfectly.

I love the subtext of Charlie and Dani being siblings. The shots of them connecting and protecting each other. the scene with the knife,of them keeping secrets for each other , of them sitting on the couch and she can sense what he's thinking, or her touching his hand as she walks past. A secret sibling/partner signal.

Thank you for making this vid, this is a wonderful gift not just for your recipient but for every fan of the show.[3]
[giandjakiss] Wow. Just ... wow. This is absolutely breathtaking. Like, literally- I gasped when their hands almost touched and then brushed by each other. I totally would have watched that show.
[nemo_r] Oh God that is absolutely wonderful, the most brilliant Reese character study. The song choice is perfect and I adore the repeated motifs you've tied in-- Charlie's knife and the sunlight. You've managed to really neatly tie in all the major parts from both seasons, which is seriously amazing considering the scope, they went through a lot together! Also, that final scene is just perfect[4]
[anait] This is the most intriguing of the Festivids for me. What makes it so is the song choice and the fantastic lyrics. The way you've edited the source around the lyrics opens the most fascinating window to these characters and their story. Utterly fantastic![5]
[ kaydeefalls] Oh, Dani. This is such a perfect encapsulation of her fierceness, and her flaws, and her life. Beautiful.[6]
[bedlamsbard] I just need to come back to repeat how much I love this vid, because I keep watching it over and over again. I love the recurring imagery of Charlie's knife at "the history's thick", and the bridge with Dani and her father staring at each other before Dani takes off, and I love, love, the last bit of the chorus, with Dani handing Charlie badge and gun and knife as they're tossed aside. And badge and gun vs. bullet for "mom gets easters /dad gets christmas eve." This vid is so fabulous, thank you so much for making it![7]
[serrico] OH MY GOD. This--THIS--is the vid I've wanted to see about Dani--and Dani and Charlie, but mostly Dani, and her intensity and her mistakes and her work and her family and DANI--for YEARS.

You show the tangles of Dani's allegiances so well, how working with Charlie impacted her personally (*excellent* use of her glaring at her dad across the dinner table), how it became her and Charlie against all others.

I love the way you take the time to show us solid characterisations of Dani and Charlie as people.

I love the recurring motif of knives, especially the way you linked them with the lyrics referring to work.

...I pretty much just love this vid. LOVE it. :) [8]
[china_shop] Wow! This is fantastic. *is blown away* ETA: The transition at 0:39 is gorgeous, and I just adore how you used the dashboard angel.[9]
[esteefee] jesus this is amazing, just amazing. powerful and sly, and goes down harsh and smooth just like a shot of tequila. just like Dani. <3 god, I miss this show. [10]


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