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Name: Roswell, New Mexico
Abbreviation(s): Roswell NM, RNM, Roswell, the New Roswell, Roswell (2019), Roswell Reboot
Creator: Carina Adly Mackenzie
Based on Roswell High by Melinda Metz
Date(s): Janurary 15, 2019 - present
Medium: live-action TV series
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: Wikipedia, Official Website, IMDB
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This page is about the 2019 series. You may be looking for the 1999 series, Roswell (1999), or the book series, Roswell High (books).

Roswell, New Mexico is a CW 2019 science fiction television show adaption of the Roswell High series by Melinda Metz. It follows Liz Ortecho as she returns home to Roswell, New Mexico after a decade away and discovers the many secrets that lie beneath the surface of her sleepy tourist trap town.


While more closely based on the book series, there are clear references to both the books and the 1999 show, while also adding a lot of new original content.


  • Liz Ortecho, a biomedical researcher and daughter of an undocumented immigrant father. She is trying to uncover the secrets surrounding the death of her sister Rosa.
  • Max Evans, a deputy sheriff and secret alien. He's been in love with Liz almost his entire life.
  • Isobel Evans-Bracken, a married lawyer and secret alien. Terrified her secret will be exposed and ruin her life.
  • Michael Guerin, a secret alien and resident bad boy with a heart of gold. In a secret relationship with Alex.
  • Alex Manes, a gay disabled war vet who has a strained relationship with his authoritarian father. In a secret relationship with Michael.
  • Maria DeLuca, a fortune-telling bartender and Liz, Rosa, and Alex's best friend.
  • Kyle Valenti, a doctor and notably much more mature than his 1999 show or book counterpart.
  • Chief Master Sergeant Jesse Manes, Alex's father, a strict army sergeant who takes the antagonistic alien-hunter place of Jim Valenti.
  • Rosa Ortecho, Liz's older sister who was killed in a car crash while high on drugs, killing two girls in the process. Liz gradually comes to realize that Max may have been involved in her death.
  • Noah Bracken, Isobel's devoted lawyer husband who senses a secret in his wife and has a secret of his own
  • Sheriff Valenti, the Sheriff of Roswell, she is the wife of deceased Jim Valenti, and mother of Kyle Valenti. Disapproves of the Ortecho family because of their undocumented status.
  • Jenna Cameron, Max's fellow deputy and partner.
  • Arturo Ortecho, Liz's father who runs the Crashdown Cafe diner.
  • Mimi DeLuca, Maria's mother who suffers from an undiagnosed mental illness.
  • Ann Evans, Max and Isobel's adoptive mother.
  • Wyatt Long, the brother of one of the girls Rosa Ortecho killed, who harbors a grudge against her family


Prior to the announcement of Roswell, New Mexico, fans of the original Roswell television series had wanted a spinoff or reboot of the show. Many had hoped it would take place in the Future/Present time - with the nextgen and same actors/actresses. Various petitions and campaigns appeared from the time the series ended in 2002. It took over sixteen years for a reboot to be announced by The CW following various successful reboot shows of 90s/00s (Charmed, Fuller House, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, etc). In early 2018, it was announced that Roswell reboot "with an immigration twist" was written and developed by Carina Adly MacKenzie[1], it would be closer to the book canon (Liz Ortecho instead of Liz Parker, Alex Manes instead of Alex Whitman) but like Roswell, an alternate universe of the books since it takes place after high school and various changes made.

Initial excitement for the reboot was mixed, while many fans were overjoyed with any possibility of a new series, including one with POCs, others were disappointed that it would not be same actors/actresses from the 1999 version and thus the same characters/history they knew and loved. There were some fans that was also skeptic for the executive producer Carina Adly MacKenzie[2]. These fears seem to have abated after the season one aired, the show often praised for the POCs/WOCs and LGB positive.

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The juggernaut pairing for RNM is the canon slash pairing of Michael Guerin/Alex Manes, with nearly all of the fandom and fanworks focused on the pairing. The Michael/Alex pairing was a rare pairing in the original Roswell TV show fandom, it has grown larger than Max/Liz and Michael/Maria ships. In the original series fandom the ships that reappear within the RNM fandom: Max/Liz, Maria/Michael, Kyle/Liz, Kyle/Alex, Kyle/Michael, Liz/Maria, Liz/Isobel, and Isobel/Maria; however they are much smaller ships in comparison with RNM!Michael/Alex. Other pairings introduced in RNM include Rosa/Isobel, Rosa/Maria, Isobel/Noah, Jenna/Kyle, Jenna/Isobel, Jenna/Maria, and Jenna/Max also exist.

Ship Names

The Max/Liz ship name "Echo" is different from the original show's ship name "Dreamers", probably to differentiate between the both shows and how they connected after Max saved Liz. In RNM, Liz and Max could feel echos of each others feelings and memories because of his handprint. The Isobel/Maria ship name "Mabel" is different from the original show's ship name "Blonde Attitude" and the Kyle/Liz ship name is "Kyliz" instead of "Loyalist" from the original show, the ship names of RNM tend to be smooshed names (Malex, Kylex).

The "Pod Squad" is still the term for Isobel, Michael and Max.

Notable Fanworks

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