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You may be looking for the television show, Star Trek: The Next Generation or the Canberra (Australia) Star Trek club, Next Gen.
Tropes and genres
Synonym(s)next gen, new generation
Related tropes/genreskidfic, futurefic
See alsocross gen
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Next generation or next gen is a fanfiction trope that focuses on the children (or other descendants) of canon characters. These may appear in canon or be invented original characters. It is a subset of futurefic and is often a form of kidfic, although the next generation characters can be depicted as adults.

Next generation stories are particularly common in fandoms where published canon ends with a heterosexual couple getting together, for example Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and Harry Potter, where the Deathly Hallows epilogue gives fans plenty of blank canvases to paint. The play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a good example of a canon next gen story.

Stories often focus on the child finding out his/her parents' history or dealing with the problems of being the offspring of famous parents.


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