Icebound Stream

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Title: Icebound Stream
Creator: sisabet
Date: November 2005
Format: digital vid
Length: 3:14 minutes
Music: Icebound Stream by Laura Veirs
Genre: het
Fandom: due South
Footage: due South; "Antarctica: An Adventure of a Different Nature," "The Blue Planet: Frozen Seas," "Alaska: Spirit of the Wild," "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom: Mammals of North America," "Great North"

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Icebound Stream is a Fraser/Victoria due South vid by Sisabet.

This vid is an example of a somewhat rare practice in vidding in that it uses non-fandom source material; Sisabet intercuts clips from due South (most, but not all, from the two-parter episode arc Victoria's Secret) and documentary footage of polar bears and Arctic landscapes.

Essentially, the vid illustrates the emotional subtext of the Victoria's Secret episodes by recasting Fraser and Victoria as polar bears. (Of those canon episodes, as a new due South viewer, sdwolfpup said, "I love the repeated use of the snow motif, which I didn't fully grasp until sisabet's vid, 'Icebound Stream.'"[1])

In her review of Icebound Stream, thefourthvine says, "I truly believe you can get everything you need to know about this relationship from this vid, even if you're starting from zero."[2]

Sisabet describes her motivation in creating the vid:
"I wanted to really get at the thing with Victoria, but I wanted to do it as Fraser felt it - as he saw it. Not me and not a thousand stories I read where she was this irredeemably evil character. I wanted to get at who Fraser really is, to himself, underneath his extremely rigid exterior."[3]

obsessive24 used the vid to illustrate a discussion at Vid Commentary, citing it as an example of use of external source for "character-oriented metaphor."[4]

Responses & Reviews

  • "Nothing quite like watching a nature documentary and thinking 'Wait a minute, I know that evil blood-covered polar bear.' So then I had to stop and watch 'Icebound Stream.'"[5]
  • "I don't care if you don't know the fandom, you should watch it anyway. It's use of stock footage is just so amazingly inspired and fantastic. It's, I believe, known throught he fandom as WTFPOLARBEAR vid, and it deserves that moniker. Seriously, awesome. Watch."[6]
  • "I've come to the conclusion that sisabet's songvids need to be watched a minimum of three times before I start to really get them, because they're so packed with imagery. This one is just beautiful. Highly recommended."[7]
  • "Surely everyone in this fandom has already seen this vid, because it's omg brilliant. [...] Basically, sisabet is a bona-fide genius. She interweaves images from VS with documentary footage of polar bears and the Arctic in order to highlight the desperate, animalistic side of the Fraser/Victoria relationship, and you may be thinking "buh?" but trust me, it works. Seriously. Some of the imagery and juxtapositions alone will take your breath away. Remember kiddies, polar bears (much like ex-con girlfriends) look beautiful and cuddly and sweet right up until they tear out your throat. This vid is one of my favorites of all time; it added an entirely new dimension to the way I see Fraser and Victoria and this episode (and also vidding as an artform, cause WOW). You need to see it."[8]


External source: polar bear with blood on its face from its last meal
Episode footage: Victoria with metaphorical polar bear in background
Episode footage: Fraser and Victoria watch the polar bears at the zoo


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