Get Low

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Title: Get Low
Creator: sisabet
Date: August 2008
Length: 3:27
Music: "Get Low" by Lil John and the Eastside Boys
Fandom: Resident Evil
Footage: Resident Evil: Extinction
URL: livejournal announcement post
streaming at the Internet Archive

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Get Low is an Alice-centric Resident Evil vid by sisabet that was made for the "Fuck you" challenge at Vividcon 2008. Alice and and her clones are victims of the Umbrella Corporation, but they fight back.

The vidder's summary is "No, really. Fuck you" and it is accurate. It is one of the rare vids that critique the song choice as well as the visual subject of the vid; even as the song highlights the voyeurism of the male scientist watching Alice's clones be murdered and the bodies discarded, the misogyny of the singer in "Get Low" is intensified by comparing his sexual objectification of women to Alice's victimization.


halfamoon recced the vid as part of a "feminist vid sampler" and summarized it as:

Reclaiming power—power over your own body, power over others. Grounded in a critique of the source (video and audio, I'd say), but evolving into a reconstruction of it as a more satisfying story.[1]


I have no idea what the movies or the game are about beyond OMG ZOMBIES! but sometimes the only thing hotter than a dead chick kicking ass in a red cocktail dress is the possibility of cloning her.[2]


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