Bad Romance (Smallville vid)

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Title: Bad Romance
Creator: sisabet
Date: August 2010
Format: digital vid
Length: 4:54 minutes
Music: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
Genre: slash
Fandom: Smallville, DC Comics
Footage: Smallville, Superman Returns, DC Comics
URL: Sisabet's LJ; YouTube

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Bad Romance is a Clark/Lex vid by sisabet using footage from Smallville, Superman Returns and DC Comics. It premiered at Club Vivid at Vividcon 2010.

Vidder's summary: When mutually assured destruction is not a deterrent.


Lex Luthor does not want to be friends!!

(stuff about vid and why it is awesome goes here!)

Recs & Reviews

  • "There's one other thing Lady Gaga is good for: Foe!Yay. There's no other explanation for many, many supervillian/superhero obsessions than a desire to shag each other's brains out. Admittedly, I'm a Marvel, not a DC, so I really don't know Superman canon that well. However, sisabet uses footage from every Man of Steel media from the past fifty years--with Smallville as the cog in the wheel--to depict the never ending bad romance tragedy between Clark and Lex. It's a triumph of fannish devotion, and I'm convinced of this doomed ship."[1]
  • "An amazing Superman/Lex vid that combines movies, the DC universe, and Smallville. Such a wonderous multi-source clusterfuck of melding and contrasting images -- this is Clark/Lex as it LIVES IN MY BRAIN. It's seriously incredible how sisabet pieced this together so fluidly with all the different media sources. I just want to watch it over and over. and then go read some fanfic!"[2]
  • "So I was dancing my ass off at Club Vivid and this vid came on, and without even realizing it I found myself standing still among the dancers, staring at the screen, hands over my open mouth, my heart breaking, my eyes leaking tears. I guess I never expected to feel that way about the clark/lex love again. This vid just grabbed me by the heart and yanked me right back to that place. I think this is the vid of the con for me."[3]
  • "OMG. So awesome. I love how you used the images from multiple sources in a way that wasn't confusing but instead was enriching; the Clark and Lex from Smallville played center stage, but all of the comics and other sources added to the tension and the richness of the relationship between these two men. They aren't just a small screen relationship.
You transported me back to my most flaily love place of this pairing from the show and heightened my emotions beyond just the canon of Smallville itself."[4]
  • "It's an epic Clark/Lex vid that pulls on a variety of source material, including comics and animated works. I really like the way that all of the versions of Clark and Lex are consistent with Smallville, how none of the Superman Returns footage in this really shows their faces clearly; there's a really nice unity in this. It is an excellent, fun, and thorough depiction of the Clark/Lex relationship."[5]
  • "[...] this is the ultimate Clark/Lex romantic showdown. Lex doesn't want to be friends. He either wants to fuck Clark or fuck him up. Or, ideally, both. Now, I have no idea what Lex and Clark were like in the pre-Smallville era. [...] I'm not sure if they were always absolutely and totally gay for each other, or if it was the fine writing prowess of the first season Smallville team, plus Michael what's-his-dick and Tom Welling, who changed the way we'd all see Clark and Lex forever. And I don't care. Because sisabet has created a retrospective that covers all the Clarks and all the Lexes, and she has managed to find the core of absolute and total sexual obsession in each one of them. It's amazing. It's a sweeping, epic, twisted gay love story covering most of a century. Set to Lady Gaga, which as far as I can tell is what Lady Gaga is for. It's brilliant, basically. I love the mixed media of this - I can't help reading it as though Smallville Clark and Lex are the real ones, and the comic books and movies and animated shows and all the rest of it are made about them. [...] And this is their story! And it's, you know, kind of crazy, especially in Lex's corner, but let's face it, Clark is not a blameless party, here. Anyway. Clark. Lex. No heterosexual explanation in the multiverse is enough for these guys. And that's why we love them. Or, okay, it's why I love them, but don't try to tell me you're in it for the nuanced exploration of superheroism as a metaphor, because I will not believe you."[6]


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