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Name: Podfic Bingo
Date(s): 2011-present
Founder: Paraka
Type: Bingo-style challenge for podfic
Fandom: Multifandom
Associated Community: podfic-bingo@DW, podfic-bingo@LJ (archived)
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Podfic Bingo is a bingo-style challenge for podfic, which first ran in 2011. Founded by Paraka, based on an idea by Klb, it is currently moderated by Paraka, Whatthefuckbenj and Inkjunket. It runs on both Livejournal and Dreamwidth. From the FAQ:

podfic_bingo was originally the brainchild of klb. She wanted a challenge for podficcers like fic bingo challenges where, instead of being given subject prompts, we're given reading/podfic style prompts.

This can be a way for podficcers to try different things when podficcing to hone their art. A way for people to get out of their comfort zone or try something they've always wanted to but maybe didn't have the courage to.

Some things you try may fail but it's all about learning and doing new things. Don't be afraid![1]

The prompts include stylistic reading choices, such as 'Read Sadly' and 'Try an Accent'; choice of material to record, such as 'Character of Colour' and 'Rare Pairing'; and technical choices, such as 'Incorporate Sound Effects' and 'No Editing'.

The Dreamwidth community is still active as of 2017.


The first round of the challenge opened on 9 January 2011 and concluded on 31 December 2011. It was moderated by Paraka. Only one participant, Weimar27, completed her bingo card, while eight podficcers completed at least one line: Bessyboo, Cantarina, Greedy_dancer, Laurie_ky, Lunate8, Lunchy_munchy, Meri and Rhea314.[2]


The second round opened on 1 March 2012, with Whatthefuckbenj and Inkjunket joining Paraka as moderators. In addition to the main bingo cards, there are monthly challenges.[1]


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