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Name: Amplirecathon
Date(s): 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Type: fest
Fandom: podfic/multifandom
Associated Community: Amplificathon
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Amplirecathon is an annual two-week fest for recommending podfic, hosted on the Amplificathon LiveJournal and Dreamwidth communities. It was initially created as a challenge centered around feedback [1] to complement the other two annual podfic challenges hosted by the same mod team, Amplificathon and Podbang.

Participants sign up to post recs on specific days to either the LiveJournal or Dreamwidth community, with the only requirement being that they make some form of rec post on that day. Participants can claim more than one day, and on some days there may be more than one rec post.

The challenge is left purposely open-ended to encourage creativity and variety in recs. Early years gave optional prompts for reclist themes, while the third year did not have specific prompts but encouraged experimentation with multimedia (audio and video) forms for recs.

Amplirecathon 2010 ran from January 18 to February 1.

Amplirecathon 2011 ran from March 14 to March 28.

Amplirecathon 2012 ran from July 16 to July 30.

Amplirecathon 2013 ran from July 17 to July 31.


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