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Fandom: Multiple Fandoms
Dates: July 6-August 16 2012
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The Fan Fiction Oral History Project (also referred to as "an Fiction and Internet Memory Research Project" and "Media Fandom Oral History Project") is an audio record of media fans telling their fandom history in their own words.

Interviewers are Andrea Horbinski, Lisa Cronin, and Abigail De Kosnik.

Fifty-six interviews with fifty fans were conducted for the book by Abigail De Kosnik called Rogue Archives: Digital Cultural Memory and Media Fandom.

Forty-one of these oral interviews are housed, and publicly available, at the University of Iowa. All of the interviews at the University of Iowa have a written transcript except one.

The interviews are located here, at the University of Iowa Libraries. You'll need to be persistent to read the transcripts (pdfs) as they can be difficult to access (or even see) depending on what browser you use. Recommended: Firefox.

The Project's Focus

In one of the interviews, Abigail De Kosnik said: "This project is called "Fan Fiction and Internet Memory" and we're looking at two basic research questions. The first is, "How do we use the Internet as a site of memory, as a kind of technology for remembering things?" and the second question we're asking is, "How do we remember the Internet?... I think that fan communities are a great exemplar of how the Internet has really become a powerful tool for memory and yet, simultaneously, also is easily forgotten, somehow. I find most people, and me included, are kind of amnesiac about the Internet also. So that's what this project's about." [1]

In another interview, Andrea Horbinski explained: "So the project has two overarching questions: one is the Internet, and how people use it as a site for memory, and then also how people remember the Internet and Gail thought that fandom as it's sort of moved from platform to platform over time would be a really good sort of way to look at that first question. So, our other focus is on fan fiction as it has been experienced on various forms of archives on the Internet." [2]

Similar Projects

History and Background

See Confessions of an Aca-Fan Interview with Abigail DeKosnik (2016).

The Interviews