Andrea Horbinski

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Name: Andrea Horbinski
Type: former OTW Board member (2013-2015)
Fandoms: anime and manga
Communities: Organization for Transformative Works, Ada Initiative
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OTW role

Andrea Horbinski is a former member of the Organization for Transformative Works Board of Directors, having served from 2013-2015. She joined the Board in October 2012; there was no contested election that year.[1] She took over the role of Secretary of the Board after Anna Genoese's resignation in October 2014.[2] She was President in 2015. She stood for re-election in the October 2015 election, then resigned in November 2015.

Horbinski was a founding member of the OTW Internationalization & Outreach committee from 2010, and was the committee's chair in 2012 and co-chair in 2013. She was a frequent contributor to Symposium Blog.

OTW Biography

Andrea Horbinski is a Ph.D. student in modern Japanese history with a designated emphasis in New Media at the University of California, Berkeley. In addition to the OTW Board, she also serves on the advisory board of the Ada Initiative, which is dedicated to increasing the participation of women in open technology and culture. She was previously a Fulbright Fellow to Japan, studying hypernationalist manga in Kyoto, and was a founding member of the OTW's Internationalization & Outreach committee in 2010. She joined online fandom in 1999 after writing her middle school graduation speech on her love of Star Wars, and soon became involved in anime and manga fandom as an AMV editor and later a fan translator. She has discussed fandom, anime, manga, and Japanese history and folklore at conventions and conferences including Otakon, Sirens, WisCon, AnimeExpo, and the Popular Culture Association, and her articles and reviews have appeared in The WisCon Chronicles vol. 6, Mechademia, and Transformative Works and Cultures.[3]

Ada Initiative role

Andrea was on the advisory board of the Ada Initiative.

Quotes from FFA:

"I know she was on the board of the Ada Initiative at the time of their meltdown (of the We Will Shut Down Rather Than Let Power Out Of Our Hands sort -- it went down in a very similar way, although from what I can tell it was a bad board + a really, really bad case of Founders Syndrome that AH would not have been involved with)."[4]
"I'd be very surprised if the TAI stuff had much to do with Horbinski, specifically, but that is speculation on my part based on knowing some other involved folks."

Wiscon role Wiscon Con Chairs - she was one of the two co-chairs that both resigned at once in 2015.

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