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Name: Board of Directors
Date(s): 2007-
Profit/Nonprofit: Nonprofit
Country based in: USA; international volunteers
Focus: Organizes committees, makes final decisions, keeps financial records, handles compliance.
External Links: Who We Are (OTW website), Board Meeting Minutes, Reports and Governing Documents
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The Board of Directors for the Organization for Transformative Works is responsible for running the organization. The OTW website describes the Board's role and how it is chosen:

It is the Board's responsibility to organize committees, make final decisions, keep financial records, handle compliance, and so on. Board members are asked to serve three-year terms. One-third of the Board is elected every year. The Board is elected from among members in good standing who have served at least one term on a committee. Every member of the OTW gets one vote in the election, regardless of how much they contribute.[1]

Current Board Members

The Directors for 2021 are:

For details, see OTW 2020 Board Election.

Former Board Members

According to the OTW website, the first Board of Directors was chosen as follows:

Naomi Novik put out a call for those willing to serve in the organization in June of 2007, and chose the first board from among those who responded, on the basis of putting together a team with the particular set of skills and experience needed to set up the infrastructure of a nonprofit organization, including its bylaws. These bylaws include the rules and terms under which a membership could be gathered and a future board legally elected. A third of the board seats were up for election in 2008; two founding members gave up their seats, and two new Board members were affirmed by the membership.[1]

2007-2008 Board Members

The founding OTW Board was announced on September 28, 2007.[2]

Jo Graham (Jo Wyrick)'s resignation from the Board was announced in January 2008, and Bessa was selected as her replacement.[3]

2009 Board Members

Two candidates stepped forward for two open seats for the 2008 Election, so no contested election was held.

2010 Board Members

Two candidates stepped forward for two open seats for the 2009 Election, so no contested election was held.

2011 Board Members

Coppa, Gladkova, and Murphy were elected in the OTW 2010 Board Election. In December 2010, Elizabeth Yalkut resigned her position and Braunstein was appointed to fill her seat. The finalized 2011 Board was announced on December 31, 2010.[4]

Morris and Braunstein both resigned after the 2011 term.[5] Barenblat and Lane finished their three-year terms at the end of 2011, leaving four open seats for the OTW 2011 Board Election.

2012 Board Members

The Board of Directors for 2012 were announced on November 19, 2011,[6] following the OTW 2011 Board Election (see also List of OTW 2011 Board Election links).

2013 Board Members

The 2013 Board was announced on December 27, 2012.[7] It was the first nine-member Board, following the July 2012 announcement that the Board would be expanded from seven to nine members starting in 2013.[8]

After the resignations of Beck and Bobrowicz, the Board was left with seven members. Gladkova and Murphy's terms both ended in December, leaving four vacant seats for the 2013 election.[9]

2014 Board Members

No candidates came forward during the 2013 election season.[10] The Board announced in December 2013 that they intended to make appointments to fill three of the four vacant seats.[9] Genoese was nominated to fill one of the seats; the others remained unfilled.

Franzeska's resignation was announced on June 2, 2014, leaving the Board with only five members.[11] Anna resigned in October, and her seat was not filled at that time.[12]

2015 Board Members

The 2014 election was uncontested.[13] Sanders' term ended but she remained as Treasurer until September. Board announced in July to change the size of the board again, from 9 to 7 members.[14] Cat was originally there for a two-year term to fill a resigned seat, but stayed on for a third year as there had been other resignations in the meantime.

All of the above resigned in November, effective December 15th.[15] Cat, Eylul and Andrea's terms would have ended at the end of December.

2016 Board Members

The 2015 election was the first contested election since 2011, with eight candidates - which later became six - standing for two positions. Atiya Hakeem and Matty Bowers were elected by popular vote to fill the two seats, beginning their Board terms on December 1, 2015.[16] Following the resignation of the entirety of the 2015 Board, three more candidates were appointed to fill vacancies, making up the 2016 Board of Directors.[17]

2017 Board Members

The 2016 election was contested with three candidates standing for two available seats. Priscilla del Cima and Kristina Busse were elected by popular vote to fill the two seats, beginning their Board terms on November 1, 2016.[18]

2018 Board Members

The 2017 election was contested with six candidates standing for three available seats. Jessie Camboulives, Claire P. Baker and Danielle Strong were elected by popular vote to fill the three seats, beginning their Board terms on October 1, 2017.[19]

2019 Board Members

The 2018 election was contested with four candidates standing for two available seats. Natalia Gruber and Lex de Leon were elected by popular vote to fill the two seats, beginning their Board terms on October 1, 2018.[20]

2020 Board Members

The 2019 election was contested with four candidates (one of which withdrew from the ballot) standing for two available seats. Rebecca Sentance and Kirsten Wright were elected by popular vote to fill the two seats, beginning their Board terms on October 1, 2019.[21]

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