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Name: Lex de Leon
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Lex de Leon is a member of the 2020 Organization for Transformative Works Board of Directors. He stood as a candidate in the 2018 Board Elections and was elected along with Natalia Gruber to serve on the Board starting in October 1st, 2018.

In an open Board meeting on 08 September 2019, Lex was elected to replace Jessie Casiulis as Secretary of the OTW. Lex volunteers for the Support and AO3 Tag Wrangling committees.


His bio from the OTW website states:

Lex currently works for the United States Government as a document and content management information technology specialist, with a specific focus on records import, migration and long term retention. He began by writing fanfiction for the Valdemar series and has since accumulated multiple fandoms which he is always willing to discuss. An unapologetically passionate femslash shipper, he enjoys writing fic that draws upon his life experiences and imagination, and reading any fic that catches his eye or features a pairing he enjoys. A fortuitous visit to the Archive just after recruitment for Support was announced led to him applying, with the belief that his decade of experience in technical support would be helpful within the OTW. He firmly believes in the mission of the OTW and wishes to continue its work into the future. Somehow, a lovely woman agreed to marry him and always be willing to listen to his fanwork ideas. Together they are raising two cats, a dog and one ornery, flightless bird.[1]


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