Natalia Gruber

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Name: Natalia Gruber
Alias(es): Nat
Type: OTW Board Member and Committee Chair
Fandoms: Tolkien, Harry Potter, The Untamed
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Natalia Gruber is a member of the 2021 Organization for Transformative Works Board of Directors. She stood as a candidate in the 2018 Board Elections and was elected along with Lex de Leon to serve on the Board starting in October 1st, 2018.

In an open Board meeting on September 8th, 2019, Nat was elected to replace Claire P. Baker as President of the OTW, and she served on that role until October 1st, 2020, when she was succeeded by Rebecca Sentance. She's currently a chair for the OTW Translation committee, and has previously served on the AO3 Policy & Abuse and AO3 Tag Wrangling committees.


Her bio from the OTW website states:

Natalia Gruber discovered her first fanfiction by accident while waiting for the last Harry Potter book to come out, and thought for the longest time that it was a wonderful, but isolated idea. Thankfully, she eventually found out that not only was this story not the only one, but that fandom was a lively, rich community full of amazing people and more fic than she could ever read. She lurked for several years reading mostly Harry Potter, until she joined the Tolkien fandom. There she finally started publishing her own works and making friends with other fans, and it’s where she still feels the most at home.

An English teacher during the day, Nat joined the OTW in 2016 as a Brazilian Portuguese translator. A few months later she became part of the Policy & Abuse and Tag Wrangling committees, where she has had a wonderful experience and learned a lot more about the OTW and its work. At the end of 2017, she decided to join Translation staff, working to support and assist translators in their work, and engaging in a lot more inter-committee and managerial tasks.[1]