Alex Tischer

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Name: Alex Tischer
Type: OTW Board Member and Staff Member
Communities: Organization for Transformative Works
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Alex Tischer is a member of the 2016/2017 Organization for Transformative Works Board of Directors who stood as a candidate in the 2015 Board Elections.

Alex was one of the runner-up candidates in the election, along with Aline Carrão and Katarina Harju, who was subsequently elected to the seats vacated by the outgoing 2015 Board of Directors. In an open Board meeting on 16 December 2015, Alex was elected to replace Matty Bowers as secretary of the OTW.

Alex is currently the acting co-chair of the Webmasters Committee, as well as a staff member with the Support and Translation committees and a Tag Wrangler.


Alex's bio from the OTW website states:

Alex Tischer, DrMedVet: Is an ECC veterinarian. Grew up in Germany and currently lives in the UK. Has been in fandom since before the millennium and has migrated through more fandoms than can be listed here. The most current ones include Rivers of London, Person of Interest and Mad Max: Fury Road. Has been a member of the OTW pretty much continuously since 2008, volunteering in some capacity for the same amount of time. Apart from media fandom has also somehow ended up in the weird and wonderful world of sports - which are very niche groups that resemble fandoms in surprising ways. When not dealing with sick pets, Alex can be found doing assault courses, climbing and trail running nearly as often as consuming media. [1]