Katarina Harju

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Name: Katarina Harju
Alias(es): Kati
Communities: Organization for Transformative Works
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Katarina Harju is a member of the 2016 Organization for Transformative Works Board of Directors. She stood as a candidate in the 2015 Board Elections and was one of the runner-up candidates, along with Alex Tischer and Aline Carrão, who was subsequently elected to the seats vacated by the outgoing 2015 Board of Directors.

Katarina is also a staff member with the Abuse Committee, and has previously served as a Tag Wrangler and Translation staffer.


Her bio on the OTW website states:

Katarina is a Swedish-speaking Finn currently working towards a degree in Information Technology. Prior to this, she worked in accountancy for many years. She went searching for fandom in 2000 after reading about it in a magazine (and is eternally grateful that she happened to pick up that particular one in a moment of boredom). She has created fanworks for a variety of fandoms, many of which can be found at her AO3 userpage. Somewhere along the line, she fell in love with podfics, and she still writes fic, records podfic and even makes some fannish crafts now and then, though not as often as she'd like. Katarina followed the OTW's work closely from the beginning, getting involved herself in 2013 as a member of the Translation committee, where she is currently a translator and staffer. She spent time as a tag wrangler in 2014, and currently also serves on the AO3 Abuse committee. [1]