Aline Carrão

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Name: Aline Carrão
Alias(es): LilyC
Type: OTW Board Member and Staff Member
Communities: Organization for Transformative Works
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Aline Carrão is a member of the 2016 Organization for Transformative Works Board of Directors. She stood as a candidate in the 2015 Board Elections and was one of the runner-up candidates, along with Alex Tischer and Katarina Harju, who was subsequently elected to the seats vacated by the outgoing 2015 Board of Directors.

In an open Board meeting on 16 October 2016, Aline was elected to replace Matty Bowers as President of the OTW. Aline is a staff member with the Support and Translation Committees, and has previously served as a Tag Wrangler.

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Her bio from the OTW website states:

Aline Carrão has a Law degree from the Universidade de Juiz de Fora (Brazil). She has worked in consumer protection and civil law and is currently continuing her education to work as a civil servant. Aline discovered fandom back when Harry Potter was taking over the world and never left. You can find her under the fannish identity of LilyC at AO3 and on Tumblr. She joined the OTW in 2013 as a tag wrangler and slowly got involved in other parts of the organization; she's now staff in Support and Translation. In Support, she's addressed concerns, questions and feedback from users; in Translation, she manages over 150 volunteers and has completed projects with strict timelines in an atmosphere of constant and productive team-wide communication.[1]


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