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Name: KellyAnn Bessa
Also Known As:
Occupation: former OTW Board member (2008 - 2009)
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KellyAnn Bessa is a former member of the OTW Board, serving from 2008 - 2009. She was recruited in January 2008 to replace Jo Graham, who had resigned from the board.[1]

OTW Biography

KellyAnn Bessa has a BS in Management from Cardinal Stritch University, and currently works as a human resources consultant for an investment firm. She has been in fandom for nearly ten years as a writer, mailing list owner, community moderator, and webmaster. In addition to running several archives, she hosts and maintains websites for a number of fan fiction writers. One of her first childhood crushes was Batman, and she still works several hours a week at her local comic book store, and participates in the online feminist comic fan community.[2]


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