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Name: Julia Beck
Type: former OTW Board member (2011-2013)
Fandoms: Zetsuai: Bronze, German yaoi, Western and JRPGs, etc.
Communities: Organization for Transformative Works
URL: julia-beck.dreamwidth.org
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Julia Beck is a former member of the Organization for Transformative Works Board of Directors, elected in the 2011 Board Election. She served as OTW Vice-Secretary for 2012, and went on hiatus in September 2012. In February 2013, her resignation from the Board was announced.[1]

Beck joined the OTW as a staff member in 2008, and was the founding chair of the Internationalization & Outreach committee. She was also chair of the Translation committee in 2010 and its co-chair in 2012, and was the lead for the Survey workgroup.

Beck is known separately under her fan name, and has asked others not to publicly link the names:

"You may know me better under my fan name. If you don't, please feel free to pm me! I'm perfectly fine with fellow fans making the connection in private, I'd just prefer it not to be searchable."[2]

OTW Biography

Julia Beck is a student of media and communication studies at the University of Halle-Wittenberg (Germany) and works as a communications and quality supervisor in customer support. A fantasy nerd from childhood, her initiation into organised fandom was sparked by Zetsuai: Bronze and German yaoi fandom, from which she moved into international media fandom. She identifies as a hardcore gamer, mainly of Western and JRPGs, but is a fan of fandom rather than any particular source.[3]

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