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Name: Symposium Blog
Dates: June 2010 - 2013
Type: Meta/fan studies blog
Fandom: Multifandom
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The Symposium Blog was an online blog site maintained by Transformative Works and Cultures (TWC), an academic journal produced by the Organization for Transformative Works. It aimed to create a bridge between the formal peer-reviewed TWC and fannish discussions, through "posts that discuss both fannish meta topics and fannish perspectives on fan and media studies."[1]

The blog's editors were Dana Sterling and cryptoxin, while Alex Jenkins, Lisa Schmidt and Andrea Horbinski were regular contributors.

Topics discussed included fanon vs canon, filesharing and fair use, how to teach students about fandom, commercializing fanworks, breaking the fourth wall between fans and content producers, OT3s, Twilight antifandom, wank and tinhatting.

In 2013 the Symposium Blog was reborn as Fanhackers, an Organization for Transformative Works project in its own right and independent of Transformative Works and Cultures (although it still maintained strong links to TWC). The Symposium Blog main site was subsequently redirected to the newly-created Fanhackers website. See Fanhackers for more detail.


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