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Science Fiction Convention
Name: WisCon
Dates: 1977-present
Frequency: annual
Location: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Focus: feminist science fiction
Founding Date: 1977
URL: WisCon's Official Site
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flyer for the fourth con

WisCon is an annual convention called "the world's leading feminist science fiction convention". It is held in Madison, Wisconsin at the Concourse hotel.

Wiscon started in 1977. Guests of Honor have included many women authors of science fiction and fantasy books.

The Carl Brandon Society awards are presented at Wiscon for sf works that address issues of race.

See the Geek Feminism Wiki for information on the 2008 WisCon Troll Incident, when an attendee took photographs of other attendees and later posted in a forum to mock them.

In 2014 WisCon was criticized for mishandling the banning of a serial harasser, former TOR editor James Frenkel, from the con. See WisCon's flaky response to harassment incident sparks Internet uproar by Aja at The Daily Dot. The 2013 discussion about sexual harassment at science fiction conventions started as a result of the reporting of Frenkel harassing another attendee at WisCon.[1]. Despite widespread knowledge of the 2013 incident, Frenkel was allowed to attend WisCon in 2014 because the official paperwork got lost. WisCon subsequently issued a temporary ban and indicated that he could return sooner if he behaved.





Professional Guests of Honor were Octavia Butler and Joan Vinge. Guest Editor of Honor was David Hartwell, Fan Guest of Honor was Bev DeWeese.


Professional Guests of Honor were Emma Bull and Iain Banks.

It took place March 9-11.



Among the MANY other events of this con was the controversial nomination by Liz Henry of a fanfic called Arcana for the "James Tiptree Jr Memorial Award."

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