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Science Fiction Convention
Name: OdysseyCon, a.k.a. OddCon
Frequency: Annual
Location: Radisson Hotel, Madison WI
Type: Science Fiction
Founding Date:
URL: Odyssey Con - A Science Fiction Convention
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OdysseyCon is a science fiction convention in Wisconsin; some of its members have described it as "the anti-WisCon."



2017 Controversy

[http://www.booksofm.com/2017/04/withdrawing-as-a-goh-from-odyssey-con.html Withdrawing as a GOH from Odyssey Con]

I was invited to be a guest of honor in 2016. At the time, a known harasser was working at the con. I, personally, had several uncomfortable interactions with this individual and I did not feel safe around him. ... Yesterday, I found out that I was scheduled to be on programming with him and he was still part of the concom. ... I sent the concom an e-mail. I told them that I, personally, had several problematic experiences with him, and that if he was still working the convention that I would have to withdraw.

The reply the guest received from the ConCom included the following:

I have known Jim personally for more than thirty years. Although there have been unfortunate events in the past, I do not now believe, nor have I ever, that Jim is dangerous to any one, in any way. ... in refusing to attend if he is working the con at all, you are being unfair to yourself. Why let other people make your decisions for you? Come and see the man for yourself. You will see that he is a decent man, and not a monster.Gregory G.H. Rihn, OdysseyCon Programming

Several fans and pros in the SF community made reaction posts:

... knowledge of Frenkel’s history is widespread in the SF/F field. He lost his job with Tor Books shortly after the 2013 incident. He was banned for life from Wiscon. Hell, some of this stuff is on his freaking Wikipedia page. In other words, there’s no way Odyssey Con was unaware of this history. But they still chose to allow Frenkel to serve as their Guest Liaison.Jim C. Hines, Apr 11 2017