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Title: Arcana
Author(s): Emily Brunson
Date(s): 2005, WIP
Length: 14+ chapters
Genre: mpreg, crackfic, crossover
Fandom: NCIS/Harry Potter
External Links: Arcana at Emily Brunson's Dreamwidth

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Arcana is a Harry Potter/NCIS crossover by Emily Brunson. The pairings are Gil/Nick and Nick/Snape.

The author's header: "Rating: NC-17, Warning: mpreg, WIP. Summary: The crossover that launched a thousand crits."

The fic was written for a Nick Stokes mpreg challenge and posted at oh_no_nicky, although it has since been deleted there.[1] It was also archived at Chance's Slash Archive until the site went offline.[2]


It was nominated by Liz Henry for a James Tiptree Jr Memorial Award [3] ("for SF/F that explores and expands the roles of women and men, juried") at WisCon in 2006, and this generated much controversy.

Some people who directly commented: Elizabeth Bear, Cathexys, Shalott, Rivkat, Cesperanza, Coffeeandink, many others.

Some of the points of contention:

  • the legitimacy of fan fic
  • the work was a WIP
  • the work was written for a crack challenge and therefore has been nominated without context
  • it’s not a good fanfic of its type
  • the work was fanfiction and therefore inferior
  • the work was fanfiction and therefore unlawful
  • it is not "tiptroid" enough and does not expand or explore gender, but instead confirms traditional gender roles
  • this nomination would bring legal attention to fanworks
  • if the fic won, the author would get prizes and cash and that's wrong for fanfiction
  • the nomination cheapened the award
  • the fic wasn't written for a general audience, not even WisCon attendees
  • cherry-picking a "weird" fic to highlight fanfic's strangeness
  • perhaps nominating the fic without permission from the author
  • bringing attention to a fic and fan for the purpose of making a political point
  • the fic was mpreg, and therefore, stupid

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