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Journal Community
Name: merlinpodfic, Merlin Podfic
Date(s): 21 January 2009
Moderator: winkingstar, fish_echo
Founder: winkingstar
Type: Podfic
Fandom: Merlin
URL: merlinpodfic (Livejournal); archive link

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merlinpodfic is a community for podfics of stories about the BBC Merlin series. Gen, het, femmeslash, slash, and poly are all welcome.

"All readers are welcome, too. Whatever your accent, and whatever your level of experience, please feel free to join in."[1]

One of the rules is that readers have to "ask for permission before posting a recording of someone else's work. If you are not the author of the fic you want to read, ask the author's permission. Not everyone wants their stories recorded or they may have other recording plans or whatever. It's just polite to ask. You do not need to state that you've been given permission; I will assume that you have obtained it. But if an author complains, the post will be deleted immediately and you will be given a warning." [2]


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