Hindsight Trailer

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Title: Hindsight trailer
Creator: Zoetrope
Date: 11 December 2006
Format: digital vid
Genre: slash fic trailer
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Footage: Stargate Atlantis, Thoughtcrimes, original footage
URL: Hindsight (LiveJournal) (formerly available on imeem)

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Hindsight is a fic trailer based on the McKay/Sheppard AU Hindsight by Rageprufrock. Clips from the Joe Flanigan movie Thoughtcrimes, in which he plays an FBI agent, were mixed with Stargate: Atlantis footage. Zoetrope filmed the remainder of the footage at dusk, through the window of her car as she was driving.

The vid is set to a cut-down version of the song 'Tidal Wave' by David Gray.

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