Break Like Time: The Fifth Column

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Title: Break Like Time: The Fifth Column
Creator: copperiisulfate
Date: 04 September 2010
Format: digital vid
Length: 2:15 min
Genre: Fic Trailer
Fandom: Merlin
URL: Break Like Time: The Fifth Column (LJ entry)
Break Like Time: The Fifth Column (YouTube)
Break Like Time: The Fifth Column (Vimeo)
Break Like Time-1.jpg

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Break Like Time: The Fifth Column is an epic fic trailer by copperiisulfate. It was created for Paperlegends 2010 for the Canon AU of the same title by rose_mina.[1]

Summary: Three prominent rebellion factions plague Albion, the strongest of which are the Dragonlords. When Merlin is made royal manservant to the Prince's household for (accidentally) saving his life, he is more than happy to play spy on the oppressive Pendragons per his father's, the leader of the Dragonlords, request. Little did he know that he would grow to care about those he meets on the other side.


"A brilliant, captivating fanvid. The vocal overlays and clip choices are perfect."[2]
"I was so excited when it started playing; I couldn't look away from the screen! Epic doesn’t even cover it. Your song choice is wonderful (of course, I'm probably very biased!) and I am so in love with this video, you have no idea. The flow is absolutely beautiful and the clips you used were perfect. I can tell you put a lot of time, thought and effort into selecting the right scenes and quotes. It shows, bb!

Seriously, youtube does not do this trailer justice. DOWNLOAD IS OUR FRIEND. [...]

You packed so much emotion and punch into a two minute stretch, I am amazed, I tell you. Amazed. It’s incredibly foreshadow-y and reflects the fic scenes so well. I don't think my fic is going to live up to this!"[3]
This was a great trailer, very effective to make you curious about the story. Which I'm now going to check out.[4]
This is GREAT. I love the song you used; the mood is just perfect. Sometimes I find audio-clips inserted into vids a little jarring, but these were handled very well. It works great as a teaser to the story; I can't wait to go read it now.[5]



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