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Recommendation Website
Name: Team Destiny
Reccer(s): katerina_black, eosrose
Dates: 16 January 2010 (founded) - April 2011 (last entry)
Focus: Merlin/Arthur slash
Fandom: Merlin
URL:; archive link
Team Destiny.png

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Team Destiny was a weekly recommendation community on LiveJournal. It has the subtitle Because Arthur and Merlin belong together (the Great Slash Dragon said so). The journal header uses art by oteap.

From the community description: "This community is moderated by katerina_black and eosrose, and will be a collection of our favourite Merlin/Arthur fics, art, vids, graphics, etc. of the week. We will also be maintaining, a hopefully soon-to-be searchable, masterlist of fic recs. These are a list of our personal favourites of the week, so please don't take offense if your fic/art/etc. isn't included."

Team Destiny published 17 rec issues. The last update was April 08, 2011, after a longer hiatus. The typical format of a rec issues includes picks of the week by each reccer, a mutual pick of the week and a classic of the week. All issues are tagged extensively with the tropes and genres featured in the recced fanworks.

Team Destiny also hosted the Merlin/Arthur Drabble Awards.

After the last issue, eosrose compiled her recs and continued her recommendation list as The Best of Merlin/Arthur.