The Best of Merlin/Arthur

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Recommendation Website
Name: The Best of Merlin/Arthur
Dates: 15 April 2011
Focus: Merlin/Arthur
Fandom: Merlin
URL: The Best of Merlin/Arthur (Dreamwidth)
The Best of Merlin/Arthur (LiveJournal)

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The Best of Merlin/Arthur is a Merlin/Arthur recommendation list by eosrose. It is a compilation of her personal recs from team_destiny and additional recommendations that have not been added to that community.

A "must read" is indicated by a star next to the title. A rec consists of basic story information (title, author, rating, length), links to additional fanworks (fic trailer, podfic, fanart), the summary, personal comments and the main trope(s) of the story.

The recs are sorted by:

  • Camelot Era - Uther's Reign
  • Camelot Era - Arthur's Reign
  • Historical Eras
  • Modern Era (no magic)
  • Modern Era (with magic)
  • Art/Graphics
  • Vids