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Name: FanNation
Date(s): 2008-2018
Founder: MissKitten and TheDaringHatTrick
Fandom: multifandom
URL: online here (now defunct) archive link
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FanNation is a multifandom archive.

As of January 2015, it had 365 authors (of 1809 members) and 2142 stories (with 3714 reviews).

On June 9, 2018, MissKitten announced that she would be closing the site at the end of the year.

From the Front Page

FanNation is the phoenix that rose from the flames of FanLib's demise, originally aimed to shelter former FanLib members, but now exists as a community which welcomes all new readers/writers with open arms.

This site was conceived and built by two former FanLib members; MissKitten and TheDaringHatTrick as an attempt to salvage our unique cross-fandom community. We are not part of the corporation, but rather dedicated fans, who are not willing to let our community die without a fight. FanLib was the place where the stories continued, FanNation is the place where stories never have to end.

In addition to the archive FanNation also has an active forum*, which we encourage all authors/readers to join. Here you can: - promote your stories - recommend a story to be featured - find a Beta reader - get tips and information on writing resources on the web - join in community writing activities and critiques - read interviews with Featured Authors - play word games and meet other members

* It's important to note that the archive and forum require separate registrations.

Important notice for all authors, FanNation and elsewhere. Take care of your stories, make sure to always keep a local copy of your stories on your computer, flashdrives or both. Never trust any online service with the only copy. While we try to take every precaution necessary, no one can ever guarantee 100% safety. Also, as we learned with FanLib, some places tend to shut down, so it's always better to stay on the safe side.

When I started this site, it was to keep a community alive that I was very fond of. And I do realize there are a handful of people who are still breathing a little bit of life into the archive - and I hate to be letting you guys down. But running a website, even passively like I have been for the past several years, it costs money. Not a massive amount, but enough for me to want to cut that cost out of my budget - this was fine for when I had other uses for the domain, but I am ready to shut it all down, including my own personal website. I think the era of the individual community/fandom websites have long passed. There are so many great tools out there for these kinds of purposes - that this site just isn't really necessary anymore.

I'm not asking for donations or for someone to take over the reins, just giving you guys the longest notice possible to back up your stories (which I really hope you do regardlessly). If you for any reason don't know where else to go (which I doubt, but just in case) I can really recommend Archive of Our Own