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Journal Community
Name: Band Fandom Reference
Date(s): Created 13 June 2007 - Last post 3 September 2011
Moderator: callsigns, wovenindelibly
Founder: callsigns
Type: canon resource
Fandom: Bandom (Decaydance+, My Chemical Romance)

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bandfandom_ref is a LiveJournal reference community for Bandom fans that was "based on other reference communites, such as pop_reference, with the purpose of providing sources for bandom canon."[1] Fans could post canon (or fanon) questions to the community, and others would respond. It was started by a former popslash fan.[2]

Questions posed to the community included:

  • which band members are left-handed
  • who has pets
  • how to pronounce Jamia
  • whether various elements found in fic were fanon or canon
  • the exact dates and timelines of significant events, such as the cabin, band members being fired, Gerard Way going sober, Ryan Ross's father dying, Pete Wentz's suicide attempt
  • when bands graduated from van to bus
  • tour dates, who toured with whom
  • requests for tattoo pictures
  • requests for medical details

The community name is ambiguous, but the moderator was a known Decaydance/MCR Bandom fan, and the "about" section of the profile, while not explicitly stating which bands are included, does provide revealing examples:

Perhaps you saw pictures of Patrick with blood on his face at Buzznet, and you heard something about an accident, and you're wondering what that was all about. Maybe you're wondering whether Michael Guy Chislett or Jon Walker joined their respective band first.[1]

A year after the comm started, callsigns posted to say that the original intent was to provide a resource for writing fanfic, not stalking, and listed the included bands:

Bands that are typically included in the bandom fandom include:

Fall Out Boy (and precursors like Arma Angelus and 504plan)
My Chemical Romance
Panic at The Disco
The Academy Is
Gym Class Heroes
Cobra Starship (supergroup and regular band, The Sounds by association)
The Hush Sound
The Cab

More recent logical additions include tourmates such as Metro Station, Dresden Dolls and Lucent Dossier. FBR bands like This Providence and CIWWAF are also fine, as are the All-American Rejects.[3]

As of 2018, the community has 706 posts; 6,672 comments; and 717 members.[1][4]


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