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You may be looking for the multifandom challenge 101 Ways To End Up In A Canadian Shack.

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Synonyms: Cabin!fic, cabin era, "The Porno Cabin"
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Cabin fic is a trope in Panic! at the Disco fanfic. It refers to stories set during the time in early 2007 when Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie, Spencer Smith and Jon Walker locked themselves up in a massive Nevada cabin[1][2] with a bunch of instruments (and a lot of weed) to write a (doomed) album, the legendary "wolf musical."

Stories and images filmed at the cabin by Shane Valdes appear on the deluxe edition DVD for Pretty. Odd. (PATD's second album, released in 2008). The cabin itself is referenced in a Pretty. Odd. song title: "From a mountain in the middle of the cabins." Some of the material created in the cabin was used in the 2011 album Vices and Virtues, after Ryan and Jon had left the band.

This trope is unrelated to other fandoms' stories also set in cabins, such as due South's Canadian Shack trope.

In Fanon

Fans started writing fic set in the cabin as soon as it was announced they were in it.[3]

The Cabin became a place for fan writers to project all sorts of fantasies, supported by canon stories of breakdowns (such as Ryan Ross attempting to burn his electric guitar "alive" because the era of the electric guitar was over. Apparently.)

The Cabin thus provided a perfect, secluded, closed-circuit pressure-cooker of a setting for characters to experiment with all kinds of things and experience extreme emotions.

At the end of 2006, they start working on a new album, and they decide to go up to a cabin in the mountains to work on it. Fandom has nicknamed this "The Porno Cabin".[4]

Even when fic is not set in the Cabin, it is often referenced in fic, for example:

“I totally had a beard, dude, remember at the—” He cuts himself off before saying porno-cabin - even though Ryan’s the only one who usually gets pissy about that, because Ryan thinks it cheapens the experience, even though all they did there was smoke pot and watch lots and lots of porn, seriously – and then he spots Spencer’s smirk. “Oh, funny, asshole.”[5]



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