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Name: Andy Mrotek
Also Known As: The Butcher
Occupation: Musician: drummer for The Academy Is... (2004-2011), The Animal Upstairs, various other projects
Medium: Music
Works: TAI discography
The Animal Upstairs
Official Website(s): Twitter account
Fan Website(s):
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Andy Mrotek or The Butcher is best known in fandom as a member of Bandom band The Academy Is....


As of Sept 27, 2014, the 'Andy Mrotek' tag had been used 108 times on AO3.[1] However, the hayday of Bandom predates AO3 and it is possible that stories were written that have not been re-posted there.

The Butcher appears mainly as a supporting character. When a main character, he appears most often in the Butcher/Siska ship (39 uses).[2] He might also be shipped with various TAI members or bandom characters.

Example Fanworks

Fannish Resources

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