Magnificent Kids

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Title: Magnificent Kids
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Cinda Gillian & Jody Norman
Medium: print
Fandom: Magnificent Seven
Language: English
External Links: Neon Rainbow Press Mag7 website
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Magnificent Kids is a gen anthology which features stories with children.

Issue 1

Magnificent Kids 1 contains 185 pages and is an all-gen, all-ATF Denver, Little Britches zine.

  • Everything I Need (by Carole Seegraves) Buck realizes he has everything he needs now. (1)
  • A Man Someday (by LaraMee) Buck's thoughts on JD's future. (3)
  • Anxious Moments (by Carole Seegraves) Buck and Chris worry over the boys. (2)
  • n the Still of the Night (by LaraMee) Vin comes out to Chris when he has trouble sleeping. (3)
  • The Colors of Love (by LaraMee) What Chris views as an act of defiance is much more complicated than it seems at first. (5)
  • No Going Back (by KT) Someone from JD's past returns and now Buck is hurt, JD is missing and Chris and Vin are both worried to death. (32)
  • I'm Here (by LaraMee) Chris reflects and Vin seeks him out for comfort. (2)
  • Tee-Time (by Winter) Buck and JD head off for some fun and meet some new friends. (8)
  • Playing Hooky (by KT) When work takes Chris and Buck out of town, they decide to bring the boys with them. (20)
  • Head and Shoulders, Bees and Toes (by LaraMee) Vin and JD spend some quality time with their Uncle Ezra. (29)
  • Wheels (by Winter) When the adults get bikes for the boys, you just know disaster is sure to follow. (13)
  • Old Annie's Eyes: A New Year's Story (by LaraMee) Chris agrees to let the boys host a slumber party for New Year's. And, with Josiah's help, they hope they can keep up! (34)
  • Homecoming (by LaraMee) Vin has been waiting forever for Chris to come home from the hospital. (4)
  • And That's Forever (by LaraMee) Vin's sick, but he's not alone, Chris is right there beside him. (15)

Issue 2

Magnificent Kids 2 contains 185 pages. The original submission deadline was June 2005.

  • Thumbody Special (by LaraMee) Buck was just trying to find a way to keep JD from sucking his thumb. (3)
  • Lots of Thankfuls (by Carole Seegraves) Sometimes saying grace can be more complicated than it seems. (2)
  • Mistaken Identity (by Winter) Cat is missing, Vin has a new friend and Chris and Ezra both have a major dilemma. (16)
  • Concrete Angel (by LaraMee) A news report brings back some troubling memories for Vin. (6)
  • The Thing About Fathers (by LaraMee) Father's Day is approaching and both boys have issues that need some extra help from an uncle to work it out. (27)
  • Feeding Fishes (by KT) Chris and Buck take the boys on an outing that turns dangerous for JD. (12)
  • Pups on Vacation (by LaraMee) With a vacation looming, the boys suddenly change their minds about going. (9)
  • Midnight Snack (by Winter) The boys take a trip with their dads, but it's not all fun and games. (9)
  • School Bells and Wedding Rings (by LaraMee) It's back to school for the boys and they are both dealing with girls. (26)
  • Just the Two of Us (by Rhiannon) Vin is feeling a little insecure after Chris has had to spend some long nights at work. (8)
  • Saturday Night Life (by LaraMee) Chris contemplates the changes in his life that Vin and JD have brought. (4)
  • Goodnight, Cowboy (by Carole Seegraves) Chris reads Vin a bedtime story. (3)
  • Beau's Big Day (by KT) Chris and Buck are out of town, and Josiah is watching after the boys, but when the two dads return home, Josiah, the kids and Buck's horse are all missing! (16)
  • The Storm (by LaraMee) Vin stays home with Chris, who isn't feeling well. Good thing, too. Chris takes a turn for the worse and Vin has to do what he can to help. (9)
  • Ball Games (by KT) Chris and Buck take the boys to the circus, but what they see comes back to haunt them. (22)

Issue 3

Magnificent Kids 3 contains 181 pages. The original submission deadline was November 2005.

  • Picture Perfect (by Carole Seegraves) Buck and Chris come across a pair of sleeping boys. (3)
  • Don't Leave (by Jeanne) Vin has some issues when Chris is injured on the job. (33)
  • Merry Christmas, and Chicken Pox to You! (by LaraMee) JD had Chicken Pox, Ezra has a secret surprise, and the boys and their fathers are having a grand Christmas. (19)
  • Subterfuge (by Carole Seegraves) Buck is trying to get JD to go to sleep. (2)
  • Media and Miracles (by Winter) Vin and JD set out to do a good deed and end up with much more than they expected. (21)
  • Fighting the Infidel (by KT) The boys have an interesting adventure when Buck is hurt. (18)
  • Piecing Together a Family (by LaraMee) Chris parents arrive for the holidays, but there is plenty to be settled between the man and his mother, and then there's the adoption... (36)
  • Thanks for Giving Us...(by LaraMee) The adoption is finalized, and Chris and his mom settle some issues between them. (36)

Issue 4

Magnificent Kids 4 was published in 2004 and contains 183 pages.

cover of issue #4
  • Operation Cat (by KT) Buck and Chris undertake a mission they cannot fail at. (5)
  • Full Circle (by Jeanne) Chris and Vin find themselves taking care of each other. (7)
  • Weekend Plans (by LaraMee) Chris muses how his weekends have changed since the arrival of the boys. (8)
  • Easter Gifts (by KT) Vin and JD make out like bandits for Easter. (8)
  • Naming Ceremonies' (by Jeanne) Vin and JD get some new names, and so does everybody else. (16)
  • Makin' Memories (by LaraMee) Vin and Ezra have a chance to do some bonding. (7)
  • Words Once Spoken Can't Be Taken Back (by MMW) Chris loses his cool and Vin pays the price. (13)
  • Big Brothers, Little Brothers (by KT) The boys get a lesson in brotherhood. (9)
  • Legends in Litter (by Winter) The boys make plans for Halloween. (12)
  • Little Hearts, Big Truths (by Heidi) Vin has some words of wisdom concerning Christmas. (2)
  • Tree Fall (by KT) The Larabee-Wilmington household makes ready for Christmas. (8)
  • Unca'Josiah to the Rescue (by Jeanne) Josiah introduces the boys to a special holiday tradition. (5)
  • Let It Snow (by LaraMee) Vin is tired with the snow. (4)
  • Mark My Words (by Beth Green) Buck and Vin have a heart to heart about school. (4)
  • Sick Day (by MMW) JD waits too long to do a homework assignment, but he comes up with a plan. (3)
  • Rhyme Time (by Carole Seegraves) Buck and the boys share a fun moment. (1)
  • Waitin' and Waitin' (by Jeanne) Vin ends up waiting a lot longer than he expected for a ride home. (11)
  • My Family (by KT) JD has a special guest in his classroom, and boy does she get an earful! (5)
  • Sugar Rush (by Carole Seegraves) Buck comes home to find JD a little hyper. (2)
  • Adventures in Babysitting' (by Luna Dey) Nathan agrees to take care of the boys while Buck and Chris are out of town, but nothing goes the way he expected. (34)
  • A Camping We Will Go (by Winter) Weekend plans change when Vin comes down with an ear ache. (9)

Issue 5

Magnificent Kids 5 contains 186 pages.

  • Snow Days and Matchbox Cars (by Luna Dey) Ezra finds himself trapped out at the ranch, while Chris is trapped in the city. (30)
  • Puppy Love (by Angie) Vin has a crush on a girl at school. (4)
  • It's Spring! (by Carole Seegraves) The boys celebrate the coming of Spring. (1)
  • To Confinity, and Beyond! (by Xiola) Vin overhears part of a conversation that has him convinced he isn't wanted anymore. (12)
  • Odds and Evens (by KT) JD has some thoughts about his birthday. (4)
  • Not That One! (by Carole Seegraves) Vin and JD have a question for Nathan. (1)
  • Two Iced Long-Necks (by Angie) Chris gets pulled over and it almost costs him his family. (8)
  • Doggone It (by Beth Green) Chris and Buck run into a traffic jam on the way home. (10)
  • Independence (by KT) HD discovers independence isn't as fun as he expected. (2)
  • Show Ribbons (by Jeanne) Vin and JD get to spend a prt of their summer taking horseback riding lessons. (24)
  • Assumptions (by KT) Buck is pulled over while headed home with JD. (11)
  • Collect Calling (by MMW) JD answers the phone. (1)
  • Swooshed Away (by KT) Vin and JD go on a vacation with their uncles. (12)
  • Deer Hunting (by Beth Green) The boys develop a fascination with deer. (13)
  • The Meaning of Halloween (by KT) Vin and Nathan have a talk about the holiday. (6)
  • Uncle Ezra's Halloween (by Helen Adams) Ezra agrees to take the boys trick or treating. (32)
  • Rasin' Hell (by Beth Green) Chris and Buck get in trouble. (3)

Issue 6

Magnificent Kids 6 was published in 2007 and contains 194 pages.

  • Weeds (by Ruby) The boys decide to help out at the ranch with some yardwork. (4)
  • Rockin (by Carole Seegraves) Vin and Chris rock. (1)
  • Lots of Babies (by Jeanne) The boys spend soem time on the farm of a friend. (7)
  • Neither a Borrower nor a Lender Be (by Carole Seegraves) Vin has to borrow something he's not proud of. (2)
  • From A to B (by KT) Buck's mistake costs the boys a fieldtrip, but he plans to make it up to them. (20)
  • Spirit (by Ruby) JD's latest favorite movie opens up a new space in Chris' heart, too. (13)
  • Together for Christmas (by KT) Buck finds himself away and Christmas is getting closer, but he promised JD he would be home for the holiday. (32)
  • Togetherness (by Carole Seegraves) Buck and JD have a quality moment. (1)
  • kunked (by MMW) The dogs get skunked and the boys decide to fix the smelly problem. (34)
  • Lessons Unlearned (by Beth Green) A bit of Ezra's past comes back to bite him in the butt, and Vin and Ezra find themselves being held hostage. (37)
  • Goin' to See the West (by Jeanne) When Vin's grandfather shows up, the family is thrown into turmoil, but the old man has some memeories he needs to share with his grandson . (31)

Issue 7

Magnificent Kids 7 was published in 2007 and contains 173 pages.

  • Love is Thicker Than Blood (by Ruby) Vin has some words of wisdom for Chris. (5)
  • The Big Four-Oh (by KT) Buck's birthday is approaching, but the man isn't acting too happy about it. (21)
  • My Dad (by Carole Seegraves) Vin has a gift for Chris. (1)
  • Shields of Honor (by KT) The first big project of the summer is begun - a treehouse. (23)
  • Miz Prichard (by LaraMee) Chris' interest in a woman brings out some bad feelings in Vin. (13)
  • School's Ou (by MMW) The end of a school year is usually a time of celebration. (37)
  • Pollywogs (by Jeanne) JD makes a cool discovery in the backyard. (5)
  • High Fives (by Carole Seegraves) Buck and JD have a quality moment. (2)
  • Spittin' (by Carole Seegraves) The boys get their uncles involved in a contest. (1)
  • Mr. Mason (by Ruby) JD has been seeing a ghost. (6)
  • Afraid (by Xiola) Warning: dark fic. Learning about Halloween takes a dark turn for Vin, who finds himself haunted by his past. In order to escape the pain, he finds himself causing himself pain. (8)
  • Getting Back (by Xiola) Warning: dark fic; a sequel to "Afraid." With Vin in the hospital, Chris must face some of his own haunted past. (15)
  • After the Movie by LaraMer) Buck takes JD to the movies. (2)
  • Mistletoe (by KT) The boys are confused about an aspect of Christman. (2)
  • Jingle Bells Las Posadas (by Jeanne) Josiah invites the boys and their fathers to join him for a special treat. (22)

Issue 8

Magnificent Kids 8 was published in 2007 and is 174 pages long. These stories are all set in the Old West.

cover of issue #8
  • No Sacrifice Too Great (by Angie) Buck is hurt while protecting some children. (20)
  • For I Was A Stranger (by Estee) It's Christmas time and Vin finds himself taking care of a very sick Uncle Ezra. Luckily he gets some unexpected help. (21)
  • A Little Souvenir (by Estee) An Old West LB AU. Chris knows Vin's mother, and when she dies, he is left with her child. (15)
  • All Hallows Eve (by Jeanne) A sick Vin gets an unexpected visit on All Hallows Eve. (2)
  • A Father's Embrace (by Jeanne) Chris tries to discover what's bothering Vin. (2)
  • Reflections on Giving Thanks (by Jeanne) Chris needs some time away, butu how to explain that to Vin, or does he need to? (3)
  • Humble Pie (by JJJunky) Vin learns a lesson in the art of cheating and friendship. (11)
  • Second Chances (by JJJunky) Vin is forced to relive his worst nightmare, but this time he has Chris at his side. (25)
  • One Little Word (by KT) Buck discovers Vin has been in a fight. (4)
  • Forgiveness (by LaraMee) Chris is blaming himself for Vin getting hurt. (6)
  • Holiday Vigil (by LaraMee) Chris ends up all alone with a sick Vin, but then discovers that he might not be so alone after all. (5)
  • Life's a Picnic (by LaraMee) Chris takes the boys on an outing while they wait for Buck to return, but events take a deadly turn. (12)
  • Visit in the Night (by LaraMee) Chris is hurt and Vin only wants to help. (3)
  • Ezra Claus (by MMW) Ezra has holiday plans for the boys. (2)
  • Ezra Claus 2: Santa's Secret (by MMW) The boys discover that Santa Claus has left them a special treat. (9)
  • Glass, Frogs, Shoes: A Typical Morning (by MMW) The title says it all! (4)
  • The Most Special Day (by MMW) Chris introduces Vin to a new celebration. (3)
  • Plus One (by MMW) An Old West LB AU. The discovery of a baby increases the family by one. (5)
  • Riding Herd (by MMW) What were Chris and Buck thinking when they agreed to host a party? (2)
  • Shared Tradition (by MMW) Nathan and Vin share a little bit of their pasts with each other. (4)
  • Bogs and Bugs (by MMW) And Old West LB parody. JD is bogged down in a hole, with bugs, and the othrs are going buggy trying to get him out! (6)

Issue 9

Magnificent Kids 9 was published in 2008 and contains 176 pages.

  • The Year Ahead (by Carole Seegraves) New Year's in the Larabee-Wilmington-Tanner-Dunne household. (1)
  • Two Hearts (by Estee) A Valentine's Day gift has an unexpected result. (5)
  • March 18 (by MMW) The day after isn't so fun. (2)
  • Anything But That (by MMW) Buck has to suck it up and be a man. (1)
  • Sleepless (by Jeanne) Heavy snow gives Vin a treat. (2)
  • Nightmares and Memories (by LaraMee) JD sees something on TV that triggers some bad memories. (10)
  • Out of the Mouths of Babes (by Xiola) Vin is sick, but his new family will take care of him. (20)
  • Tumbling (by Angie) The boys end up in a gymnastics class. (5)
  • Tumbling II (by Angie) More adventures on the gym mats! (10)
  • Food Critics (by MMW) Uncle Nathan tries to make the boys pancakes. (2)
  • Detour (by Jeanne) Josiah takes Vin with him when he stops to see Hannah. (4)
  • Trees (by Ruby) JD's not feeling well. (4)
  • Field Trip (by Angie) A field trip nearly turns deadly for Vin and JD. (26)
  • Coming Home (by Carole Seegraves) Vin tries to stay up until Chris gets home. (1)
  • A Taste For It (by MMW) JD just can't get enough. (3)
  • Translating Ezra (by Angie) When Ezra is injured, it's only Vin who can figure out what he's trying to say. (14)
  • Intervention (by MMW) Chris needs some help. (2)
  • I Thought You Said... (by Carole Seegraves) Chris misses an important date. (5)
  • 'Reading Lesson (by MMW) It's amazing what you can find to read these days. (2)
  • Vendetta (by Helen Adams) Ezra and Vin end up in a potentially deadly situation. (26)
  • The Date (by Estee & MMW) Chris goes on a date, but it doesn't turn out as he'd hoped. (12)
  • What I Want (by Carole Seegraves) We all want something. (1)
  • Pumpkin Takes (by MMW) It's time to carve pumpkins. (6)
  • Thanksgiving at Home (by MMW) Holidays at home are great. (2)

Issue 10

Magnificent Kids 10 was published in 2008 and contains 189 pages.

  • Obeying Traffic Signs (by MMW) The boys learn all sorts of folks obey signs. (1)
  • Nortado (by Estee) Summer days mean occassional trips to the basement. (2)
  • Did He Just Say Frolic? (by MMW) You're never too old to learn. (1)
  • 'Do As I Say, Not AS I Do (by Estee) Vin's experimentation leads to JD trying something he ought not to have. (34)
  • Convoy (by MMW) Food disappears. (2)
  • Somewhere Along the Road (by Estee) The car breaks down. (3)
  • Hats Have Their Uses (by Susie Burton) Chris Can't find his new hat. (5)
  • The Last Few Hours (by Estee) Summer is almost over. (4)
  • Twas the Night Before School Starts (by Estee) And Vin is feeling a little anxious. (3)
  • Days in September (by KT) The adults are acting strange. (13)
  • Fire Drill (by MMW) An unexpected drill leads to a revelation. (2)
  • I Just Thought (by Ruby) The boys want to help when a classmate is killed. (10)
  • The Perfect Place (by Estee) JD runs away. (5)
  • Like Father, Like Son (by Teri Huhman & Carole Seegraves) Vin is a little nervous about the Thanksgiving pagent. (5)
  • Cat Burglars (by Estee) A trip to a farm leads to a heist. (5)
  • No, Virginia, There Ain't No Santa Claus (by Estee) Vin bursts a few bubbles. (6)
  • Decorated with Love (by Carole Seegraves) Vin wants the holiday to be special. (3)
  • Visit With Santa' (by Jeanne) Vin isn't sure he wants to talk to Santa. (2)
  • Perfect' (by Carole Seegraves) Some moments are perfect. (2)
  • The Cookie Monster (by Winter) You have to leave Santa something! (10)
  • All I Want (by Estee) Resolutions. (7)
  • All in a Good Cause (by Susie Burton) Sometimes it's better not knowing. (6)
  • Tragedy by Angie) The boys face a lot when the ranch house burns down, and Buck is injured. (41)
  • Revenge of the Peeps' (by Carole Seegraves) Who knew candy could cause nightmares? (2)

Issue 11

Magnificent Kids 11 was published in 2011 and contains 165 pages. It is an all-gen, all-Old West Denver Little Britches edition.

cover of issue #11
  • One Quiet Morning (by LaraMee) The boys face a wildcat. (5)
  • If You Love Something (by Winter) Peso is missing. (16)
  • Family Secrets Family Ties (by KT) Buck's mother comes for a visit. (18)
  • Christmas Eve in the Territory (by Jeanne) The boys experience the holiday in a new way. (3)
  • A Friend in Deed (by Winter) When Vin needs help, he turns to an old friend. (15)
  • The Raid (by Jeanne) The boys are taken in an Indian raid. (41)
  • Retribution (by MMW) A man who holds a grudge against Ezra takes Vin in a play for retribution. (54)
  • Ponderings (by MMW) Vin recalls a good day. (3)

Issue 12

Magnificent Kids 12 contains 154 pages.

  • What Makes a Home (by LaraMee) The backstory of how Vin and JD end up together. (14)
  • An Easter Without Eggs (by Teri Huhman) Running out of eggs right before Easter is just bad timing! (2)
  • Shaving Soap (by Helen Adams) JD likes to help his Uncle Ezra shave. (5)
  • Exclusive Membership (by Carole Seegraves) A rejection loses its sting. (2)
  • Nothing Else Matters (by Brigitta B) Vin is sent to see the prinicpal. (3)
  • Special Friends (by Angie) Vin becomes jealous of JD's new friend. (18)
  • Curthed (by Estee) Vin is seeing curses all around him. (37)
  • Perfect Sense (by Brigitta B) The boys go missing in the middle of an evacuation. (3)
  • Barely Buckled (by Carole Seegraves) The boys don't get quite the eyeful Buck thought they did. (3)
  • The Peacemaker (by Helen Adams) When Chris and Ezra have a disagreement, it's Vin who plays peacemaker. (5)
  • The Dark Side (by Estee) A touch of humor. (2)
  • Where the Heart Calls Home (by Helen Adams) Ezra learns the meaning of home. (4)
  • Missing You (by Carole Seegraves) Vin is missing his dad. (1)
  • Wise Choices (by Carole Seegraves) Josiah approves of Vin's choices. (4)
  • The Long Way Home (by LaraMee) Vin and Ezra are in a car crash. (17)
  • On a Winter's Night (by KT) Vin defends his Uncle Ezra's Jag. (10)
  • Star Light, Star Bright (by Carole Seegraves) A percious moment. (1)
  • Letters to Santa (by Teri Huhman) Ezra has the boys write letters to Santa. (5)
  • The Perfect Christmas Tree (by Teri Huhman) It's up to Ezra and the boys to find that perfect tree. (3)
  • Memories to Last a Lifetime (by Teri Huhman & Carole Seegraves) Vin has a hard time falling asleep. (4)
  • Happy New Year, Cowboy (by Ter Huhman) The boys and their dads ring in the New Year. (2)

Issue 13

Magnificent Kids 13 was published in 2010 and contains 156 pages.

  • Too Late (by KT) A peek at Buck before the boys come into his life. (2)
  • Making Memories (by Teri Huhman) Ezra arrives just in time to color eggs! (4)
  • When I ZGrow Up (by Brigitta B) JD has homework. (4)
  • Fighting for Balance (by Carole Seegraves) Vin is invited to a skate party. (2)
  • The Fab Seven (by Estee) The boys are home from school due to conferences and Buck and Vin have some issues to work out. (30)
  • Treasures Shared (by Carole Seegraves) Vin shares some secrets. (2)
  • That's What Friends are For (by Kathy M) Vin helps out JD. (3)
  • It's Only a Week (by LaraMee) Ezra agrees to take care of the boys for a few days. (8)
  • Vin and the Great Big Huge (by Kathy M) Vin is caught up in a great big huge project for school. (6)
  • Promises Kept (by The Mod Squad) A trip into the wildreness for Vin. (5)
  • The Library (by Angie) Ezra takes the boys to a summer reading program, but things go terribly wrong. (21)
  • Three (by Brigitta B) A social worker drops by. (3)
  • Breakfast in Bed (by Susie Burton) Vin and JD make Chris breakfast in bed. (6)
  • Standing on the Edge (by Carole Seegraves) Vin has to face his fears. (3)
  • Sparklering (by Kathy M) JD is an expert when it comes to sparklers. (2)
  • If at First (by Teri Huhman) Vin is determined to do this on his own. (2)
  • Under the Stars (by Kathy M) Vin likes sleeping under the stars. (6)
  • Fishin' (by Winnie) Vin and JD find a unique place to fish. (4)
  • White Raven (by Kathy M) Vin tells JD a story. (2)
  • A New Home (by Angie) The boys need to find homes for three puppies. (11)
  • Really Something (by Kathy M) The boys share what they made at school. (2)
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town (by Carole Seegraves) JD is on a roll. (2)
  • Spreading Cheer (by Kathy M) The boys go to a rest home with their class. (3)
  • Frosty the Snowman (by Angie) You just can't trust taking snowmen. (4)
  • Building a New Tradition (by KT) JD find a new tradtion and the rest of the family gets on board. (5)
  • Someone to Watch Over Me (by Teri Huhman) The boys and their dads ring in the New Year. (3)

Issue 14

Magnificent Kids 14 was published in 2011 and 176 pages.

  • School Supplies (by Jeanne) JD is too excited about his new school supplies. (5)
  • Dream Catcher (by Kathy M) Vin tells JD about what a dream catcher is. (6)
  • Down Came the Rain (by KT) Buck and JD take a trip together, but all doesn't go as planned. (26)
  • Finally Coming Home (by Angie) The boys and their dads take a trip. (21)
  • Riding For Home (by LaraMee) Vin is hurt and Chris has to get him home. (17)
  • Starting Over (by Angie) JD faces a life-changing injury. (37)
  • Heartstringe (by Winter) Picks up at the beginning of the boys lives with Chris and Buck. (26)
  • Change of Heart (by Winter) A sequel to "Heartstrings." Chris really can't help but lose his heart to his new son. (27)

Issue 15

Magnificent Kids 15 was published in 2012 and 144 pages.

  • Bestest Brothers (by Kathy M) Vin finds JD and they become the best of friends. (2)
  • The Bestest Day (by Kathy M) Vin and JD meet a stranger who gives them some gifts. (2)
  • Try to Dream (by Kathy M) Vin has some advice for JD. (1)
  • Lullabies (by LaraMee) Vin decides that it is time to runaway. (10)
  • Christmas Memories (by Carole Seegraves) Vin and JD have different ideas about what should top the tree. (3)
  • Decorated With Love (by Carole Seegraves) Vin decides to surprise his family. (3)
  • Not Really a New year (by Kathy M) JD is a little confused about what the New year means when it comes to school. (2)
  • Hiding (A Reflection) (by Clara Moore) Vin is having nightmares. (3)
  • Time and Again (by BMP) Chris is late, and Buck is pissed. (7)
  • Hiding, Too (by Clara Moore) A sequel to "Hiding (A Reflection). Vin, JD, Chris and Buck take a vacation in Oregon. A crossover with McKenna. (8)
  • Home Sweet Home (by Angie) Buck is stuck with the boys, and a bunch of errands to get done. (10)
  • Elvis and the Boo-Boo (by LaraMee) A mistake on JD's part places the life of his pup in danger. (9)
  • A Batch of Patches (by Kathy M) Vin and JD join the boy scouts. (2)
  • Late Night Visitor (by KT) Vin receives a visit from someone special. (5)
  • What If (by Carole Seegraves) Vin overhears something confusing. (2)
  • I Go Out Walkin'... (by Winter) It's Christmas time in the Larabee-Wilmington household. (14)
  • Friday Night (by KathyM) Chris and Buck are busy on a Friday night. (3)
  • Meant to Be (by Mary Ann) This is an Modern LB AU. Chris and Vin lose a horse and find two small boys. (46)

Issue 16

Magnificent Kids 16 was published in 2012 and contains 152 pages.

  • What a Difference a Day Makes (by The Mod Squad) Ezra has been hurt, but he's coming out to the ranch to recover. (5)
  • Blind Trust (by Teri Huhman) Chris and Buck trust Vin and JD, but maybe there ought to be limits. (2)
  • Someone Else's Son (by Angie) A friend of Vin and JD needs some help from the adults. (28)
  • Castle Cowboys (by Kathy M) Vin and JD are having fun playing. (2)
  • Too 'Spensive (by Carole Seegraves) Vin overhears something that has him worried. (3)
  • The Horse Warrior (by Lynda) Vin discovers he has a special talent, and just the man to teach him about it. (20)
  • Nothin' (by The Mod Squad) JD wants to do nothin'. (2)
  • Camouflaged Colors (by Carole Seegraves) The changing seasons. (1)
  • The Best Christmas Ever (by Lynda) What they hope will be a good Christmas takes a deadly turn when the boys are accidentially kidnapped when the Ram is carjacked. (35)
  • What If #1 (by Carole Seegraves) The boys are up to something. (2)
  • What If #2 (by Carole Seegraves) It's all about who's fastest. (2)
  • Baby Tales (by LaraMee) Nathan and Raine are expecting, and life is aboiut to get a whole lot more interesting! (40)

Issue 17

Magnificent Kids 16 was published in July 2015 and contains 152 pages.

All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

  • A Step Along the Way (by Teri Huhman) Short story. (1)
  • Accidents Happen (by Carole Seegraves) Short story. (2)
  • It's Only Temporary (by Angie) A shooting gone bad leads to Vin being taken from Chris. (47)
  • The Phone Call (by Teri Huhman) Short story. (2)
  • Easy Peasy (by Carole Seegraves) Short story. (1)
  • The Forgotten Day (by LaraMee) Vin's birthday is coming, but no one seems to remember. (11)
  • In and Out (by Carole Seegraves) Short story. (2)
  • Snow Day (by The Mod Squad) Short story. (2)
  • Christmas Miracles and Dreams (by Winnie) Vin's past comes back to haunt him, and Chris. But it is Chris who pays the biggest price. (92)