Straight Women in Love with Scully

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Name: Straight Women in Love with Scully (SWILS)
Date(s): 1997 ? - ?
Founder: Kathy G., Page O.
Type: Website, mailing list
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: SWILS Island, Archived version
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Straight Women in Love with Scully (SWILS) was a online fan group consisting of user identifying as female who challenged their self-defined sexualities that were or are in love with the character of Dana Scully.

Non-straight Women in Love with Scully were sometimes abbreviated as NSWILS, but were also welcomed.

Original part of the page Page O. Reviews,[1] it was part of the The Mulder Scully Romantics Webring.

The creation of SWILS was mentioned in the OBSSE newsletter October 1997:

About that other little thing you wrote about, I learned something pretty early on about St. Scully - her appeal transcends sexuality. OBSSE members come from all walks of life, gay and straight, but there is that special something about St. Scully that appeals to all (heck, I even have gay male friends who want her!). This St. Scully magic has even prompted the formation of a new group on the net called SWILS (Straight Women In Love with Scully). So why this mass adoration from fans male and female, homo and hetero? It's simple really - her beauty comes from within as much as without.[2]


Welcome To All Scullyists! The Island is for all OBSSE Sisters who need a quick weekend getaway from the Abbey, and whether you are a shipper / fencesitter / noromo you are welcome, the only requirement is to love St. Scully"

If you're a NSWILS, it's easy to understand why TBO is an object of your affection; SWILS however have a more difficult time resolving these feelings within themselves. There seem to be many who just do not understand that SWILS can be heterosexual and love men (many have spouses or SO and are very happy) but there is just something about TBO that just makes us say to ourselves "I'm all a tingle..." while staring at any of the beautiful, alluring magazine photos showing the many sides of our Heroine.

So I say to all NSWILS and SWILS...Welcome to Paradise! The bar is always open serving many specialty drinks - Scullyritas[3] (the Abbey's original recipe) and Scullycoladas.