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Journal Community
Name: Mary Renault fans (official, current),
Mary Renault Fic Exchange (original),
RenaultX, renaultx (DW comm name)
Date(s): 18 February 2014 - present
Moderator: makioka, naraht
Founder: makioka, naraht
Type: general-purpose Renault fan community (fic, rec, discussion)
Fandom: Mary Renault
URL: Mary Renault fans

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The Mary Renault fans Dreamwidth community was originally founded by Makioka and Naraht on 18 February 2014 as Mary Renault Fic Exchange, to run fanfic exchanges based on the novels of Mary Renault. Community events included the Renault Exchange (for stories based on her modern novels) and the The Mary Renault Commentfic Meme (for ficlets based on any of her novels).

On 24 August 2014, RenaultX was repurposed as a general-purpose Renault fan community for both Mary Renault's ancient and the contemporary novels, and renamed "Mary Renault fans".[1]


  1. ^ "An Announcement", posted to RenaultX by Naraht on 24 August 2014.