Renault Exchange

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Name: Renault Exchange
Date(s): 2014-16
Moderator(s): Naraht, Makioka
Founder: Naraht, Makioka
Type: gift exchange
Fandom: Mary Renault
Associated Community:
URL: Archive on AO3
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A fanfic exchange for Mary Renault's novels, run on the Mary Renault fic exchange Dreamwidth community. It was founded on 8 March 2014 by Naraht and Makioka.

Since only a limited number novels are eligible, there is no nomination period; and the exchange starts with sign-ups. Participants are required to offer a minimum of two novels unless offering The Charioteer, and required to request a minimum of two novels unless requesting The Charioteer. (The Charioteer can be offered or requested on its own.) A minimum of two and a maximum of eight characters have to be requested/offered.

The first Renault Exchange was held in 2014, and limited to the author's modern novels. In 2015, the exchange was expanded to include the historical novels, and participants were limited to asking for a maximum of six novels. The Exchange was last run in 2016.


Sign-ups ran from 16 to 23 March 2014, and assignments went out on 27 March. The deadline for submitting stories was 4 May (9 May for pinch hits); and stories were revealed on 11 May.

There were seven participants: Naraht, Makioka, zeen, dirtybinary, Lilliburlero, AJHall, and amoama. They produced a total of 16 works:


Sign-ups ran from 1 to 8 February, and assignments went out on the 10th. The deadline for dropping out was 5 April, with 8 April as the pinch-hit deadline. Initially, the exchange was supposed to go live on the 11th. However, on 9 April, it was announced that the release was being put back for a week,[1] Stories were actually released on 19 April, at about 9 PM British time.

There were ten participants: Naraht, disenchanted, zopyrus, greerwatson, AJHall, fawatson, makioka, zeen, Lilliburlero, and toujours_nigel (the last of whom had to drop out). They produced a total of twenty works.


Sign-ups ran from 14 to 20 March, and assignments went out on the 27th. The deadline for dropping out was 1 May, with 14 May as the deadline.


  1. ^ The new release date was announced on RenaultX in the post "Two Important Announcements", dated 9 April.