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Name: Florence A. Watson
Alias(es): fawatson
Type: Author, Co-Moderator
Fandoms: Mary Renault, Jane Duncan/Janet Sandison, DE Stevenson, Lois McMaster Bujold/Vorkosigan, Winnie the Pooh, K.M. Peyton/Flambards, The Sandbaggers, Rudyard Kipling
Communities: my_friend_jane[1] (owner)
URL: fawatson at AO3
fawatson at Dreamwidth
fawatson at LiveJournal
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Florence A. Watson most know as fawatson started to become involved with fandom in 2007, at the suggestion of her sister Greer Watson. She has written in several fandoms, and participated in Yuletide since 2008. Although she writes some original stories, the majority of her fiction is fan-fic. To January 2011, she has written over 50 short stories (not including ITOWverse fiction) of varying lengths, from ficlets of approximately 500 words to stories of over 5000 words.

fawatson maintains an index to her stories (original and fanfiction) on her blog at LiveJournal .

Mary Renault fandom

Involvement with Fan Communities focusing on Mary Renault's works

fawatson was a member of the maryrenaultfics LiveJournal community until 2015. She made her first comment on that community for the chapter-by-chapter discussion of The Persian Boy, and thereafter participated actively in further book discussions. In 2009, and again in 2014 along with a core group of frequent community participants, such as my_cnnr, queen_ypolita, trueriver, toujours_nigel and Greer Watson, fawatson was involved in planning for the community's Five Year Anniversary and then the Ten Year Anniversary celebrations.

Sadly, disagreements arose between fawatson and the moderators of maryrenaultfics about the community remaining closed and the level of moderator control over posting content. After lengthy behind-the-scenes discussion with the moderators, the disagreements were finally aired openly on January 4, 2015 as a comment to a post (maryrenaultfics: ave atque vale)[2] that was made by naraht on her personal Dreamwidth journal in response to the moderators' announcement that maryrenaultfics would go on indefinite hiatus: fawatson was subsequently 'defriended' from the community by the moderators.

fawatson is currently a member of renaultx community on Dreamwidth, and has participated in two book discussions there (Mask of Apollo and North Face).

Short Stories based on Mary Renault's works

In 2008 fawatson posted her first short story, set in the universe of The Charioteer, and she has continued to write fanfic ever since. The majority of her stories are set within the various universes of Mary Renault’s novels, both Ancients and Moderns, though by far the majority of her short stories have been inspired by The Charioteer. She has been writing a series of linked stories using characters from a number of Renault’s Modern novels, but predominantly set within The Charioteer and focusing on Alec Deacon (a major character within that novel). When complete, this series of stories is likely to be approximately 60,000 words long. She wrote several interviews for the 2008 'In Their Own Words' series. In 2009, she collaborated with Greer Watson for the 'Christmas at the Clubhouse' ITOW series; and in 2010 they collaborated again with the Autumn ITOW series.

Jane Duncan fandom

In 2008 fawatson discovered the LiveJournal community My Friend Jane, a tiny community founded in 2007 which was devoted to the works of Jane Duncan (who wrote the My Friends series, the Camerons series, the Janet Reachfar series, and an autobiography Letter from Reachfar under that pseudonym; and who wrote the Jean Robertson series under the pseudonym of Janet Sandison). She became co-moderator in 2008 and later owner. fawatson has helped to lead two discussions about two of the My Friends series (My Friend Muriel and My Friends the Miss Boyds) and also helped post copies of book covers to the community and a series of posts with resources about the life and times of the author and/or the world she described in her novels.

Rosemary Sutcliff Fandom

fawatson has participated in Sutcliff Swap every year since 2013, and written stories within Mark of the Horse Lord (one in 2013), Outcast! (one in 2015), Frontier Wolf (two - one in 2014 and one in 2016).

DE Stevenson fandom

In 2008 fawatson joined the DE Stevenson community on Yahoo Groups. This community regularly holds discussions about the novels of DE Stevenson. It also periodically holds get-togethers of its members, normally with some kind of focus related to DE Stevenson’s life and/or works. In June 2010, FA Watson joined a group of ‘DESsies’ (as they like to call themselves) for a holiday in Scotland, where they toured places which are mentioned in some of the novels, and also saw DE Stevenson’s home in Moffat.

Flambards fandom

In 2009 fawatson joined the Flambards community on Yahoo Groups. She had written a short story based on K.M. Peyton’s Flambards series as a pinch hit for Yuletide 2008, which led to her looking for a community based on this author’s works. The closest she found is one focused on the Flambards TV series, which also has some interest in the books.


In 2009 fawatson began writing Winnie-the-Pooh fanfiction, initially inspired by a request seen as a part of Yuletide Madness 2008, which was posted as a New Year Resolution 2009. Thus far she has written four Winnie-the-Pooh stories, based on A.A. Milne’s children’s books.

Lois McMaster Bujold Fanfic Community

In 2009 fawatson joined this LiveJournal community, participating in its summer ficathon. As of June 2016 she has written nine fanfiction stories set in the Vorkosigan universe.

Rudyard Kipling/Stalky & Co/Kim

Since 2009, fawatson has written fanfiction based on Kipling’s works. As of June 2016, she has completed: Out of Bounds,[3] The Impressionists - Part Two [4] (a crossover with Kim), and How The Beetle Got His Name.[5]

Nina Kiriki Hoffman/Chapel Hollow series

In 2009 fawatson was matched with someone who requested fanfiction based on Nina Kiriki Hoffman's three books, The Thread That Binds the Bones, The Silent Strength of Stones, and Spirits That Walk in Shadow and wrote her first story in this fandom, Salt Between Us [6]


In 2011 fawatson picked up a pinch-hit for Yuletide 2011 and wrote On a Short Leash

[7] fanfiction based on The Sandbaggers. Her second Sandbaggers story,Something Different [8] was written for Yuletide 2012. Her third Sandbaggers story, Die Mauer Ist Weg [9] was written for Yuletide Madness 2014.

Prehistoric Park

In 2013 fawatson wrote a New Year's Resolution story based on Prehistoric Park, Sea World.[10] This story was also intended as a birthday present for her sister Greer Watson, who had made the request.

Janet Kagan's Hellspark and Mirabile

In 2016 fawatson wrote a Hellspark-Mirabile crossover story as her assignment for myoldfandom 2016 fic-exchange, Big Feet Speak Louder Than Words.[11] The story filfilled a request from her sister Greer Watson.

D.K. Broster's The Flight of the Heron

In 2014 fawatson wrote one story in this fandom when she matched with philomytha for Yuletide, On Steadiness and Integrity.[12]