Prehistoric Park

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Name: Prehistoric Park
Creator: Impossible Pictures
Date(s): July 2006 -October 2006
Medium: TV
Country of Origin: British
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Prehistoric Park is a British television ‘mockumentary’ in which time travellers go back to various geological time periods through a space-time portal, and bring live specimens of extinct animals back to the present day, where they are exhibited in a wildlife park named Prehistoric Park. There are six episodes; the series was not renewed. All six episodes are available on YouTube.

The Fandom

This fandom appears to be relatively disorganised. However there is a wiki for the series at: Currently (as of August 2013) it contains 108 pages.

Fan Fiction

There are currently (as of August 2013) 24 fanfic set in this series at FanFiction.Net at:


Prehistoric Park has been nominated annually since 2011. One story was written as a New Year’s Resolution in 2013, and another for Yuletide in the same year.